A flexible and configurable analytics and visualization platform that enables you to leverage the insights provided from devices for:

  • Reactive and Proactive problem solves
  • Evaluating and fixing intermittent issues
  • Understanding your device population
  • Performing operational tasks more efficiently
iCE.X Analytics - OverviewiCE.X: Analytics Insights

Key Features

iCE.X: Analytics - Key Features
  • Operational reports to understand device changes, inventory, deployments, device types, SW Releases, etc.
  • Customize ML-backed Self-healing to enable proactive Use Cases
  • Quality of Service Dashboard for the services you are delivering with the iCE.X Platform
  • Custom Alerts, Alarms, Cross Device Alerts
  • Enables predictive analytics to identify problems before they happen
  • Create and Visualize Custom Alerts, Alarms, and Threshold Crossing Alarms

Product Tour

Device Distribution Summaries

iCE.X Analytics - Device Distribution Summaries

LAN QOS Details

LAN QOS Details


iCE.X Analytics - WAN QOS/QOE Details