The SelfCare module can be used by any service provider to expand or enhance existing customer support channels to:

  • Drive improvements in key call center metrics
  • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls
  • Enhance overall End-User Experience
  • Differentiate in the market with advanced capabilities
iCE.X SelfCare - OverviewiCE.X SelfCare - OverviewiCE.X SelfCare - Overview

Key Capabilities

  • Mobile and Web-based accessibility
  • Customer provided Self-help portal customized to your needs
  • Integrate AI/ML-based actions to enhance overall problem resolution process
  • Use with iCE.Manage or integrate into third-party ACS systems
  • Extend to Field Technicians to support Installation and Service Verification

Key Features

  • Intelligent AutoBot Chat framework that enables implementation of any customer Use Case scenario
  • Link Autobot to device data for analysis and customized remote actions
  • Predefined problem flows across Voice, Video, Internet, and WiFi
  • Predefined Common questions, actions, and resolution flows
  • Embedded Quick Actions for common functions
  • Whole home Network view of LAN/WAN including any associated alerts
  • Customize and link “key words” to problem resolution steps
  • Define step by step responses and actions to guide customer through problem resolution
  • Perform background data analysis and actions
  • Integrate to OSS/BSS systems, Ticketing Systems, Email and much more
  • Includes a SmartFAQ function for static content
  • Embedded Supervised and Self Learning
  • Trigger Points can occur via multiple channel (Email, Chatbot, etc..)
  • Invoke AutoBot via Text or Voice Input
  • Multi-Channel Support - Embed Widgets on your Website
  • Retraining and Moderated Functions
  • Analytics Dashboard – Usage, Unanswered questions, Question types, etc
  • Episodic Memory – Configurable Per Session

Product Tour

iCE.X SelfCare - Product Tour
iCE.X SelfCare - Product Tour
iCE.X SelfCare - Product Tour
iCE.X SelfCare - Product Tour
iCE.X SelfCare - Product Tour