HCL’s vendor-agnostic, hyperscale, and modular platform—iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience)—enables device life cycle management using TR-069 and other Smart Home protocols. iCE.X provides:

  • Next-generation ACS functionality that enables zero-touch deployment of devices
  • Provides a rich interface to support all your operational team’s needs.
  • Includes critical operational reporting, alarms, and QoS/QoE-based analytics with predictive capabilities for WiFi, Video, and Data services.
  • iCE.X microservices-based architecture enables ease of deploying on-premise or in private/public cloud environments.
TR069 - OverviewTR069 - Device View

Key Features

TR069 - Key FeaturesTR069 - Key Features

A carrier-grade, feature-rich Unified Device Management platform and TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server (ACS). iCE.Manage provides critical functions for managing the entire device life cycle.

  • TR-069 ACS for managing a broad array of devices at scale
  • Support for all Broadband Forum Data Models
  • Over 300+ Device models supported out of the box
  • Device Registration / Pre-Provisioning, Zero Touch Provisioning, and Management support
  • User defined Custom Workflows, Configurations Sets, Grouping, Batch Processing, SW File Management, Device Configuration Backups, and more
  • Real-time Device Activity and Session Tracing
  • Firmware and Software Management
  • View and configure data model elements
  • Define key parameters for data collection
  • Define Custom Alerts, Alarms, Threshold Crossing Alerts
  • Backup and Restore of device configurations
  • Define User Roles, User Groups
  • Audit Logs for activity performed on the system by users

Product Tour

Batch Processing

iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience)

Device Grouping

iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience)

Audit Logging

iCE.X TR069 - Audit Logging

Data model control and configurability

iCE.X TR069 - Data Model Control

Workflow Templates

TR069 - Workflow Templates Management