iCE.X (Intelligent Connected Experience) is a cloud-ready, carrier-grade intelligent Device Management Platform that can manage millions of diverse devices on a single platform. It gives you the ability to manage the complete life cycle of devices while providing the operational capabilities to efficiently optimize the end-user experience.

  • Supports multiple market areas and use cases
  • Standards-driven and vendor agnostic
  • Extensible multi-protocol support
  • Broad device support across fixed-line and wireless use cases
  • Modular component architecture to fit your specific needs
  • Microservice design enables rapid deployment in the cloud or on-premise
  • Highly scalable architecture that can easily grow with your business needs
  • Designed to support a broad set of operational needs
  • Feature-rich API to simplify integration into existing OSS/BSS platforms
iCE.X - Overview



A carrier-grade, feature-rich Unified Device Management platform and TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server (ACS). iCE.Manage provides critical functions for managing the entire device life cycle.

  • TR-069 ACS for managing a broad array of devices at scale
  • Support for all Broadband Forum Data Models
  • Multi-protocol support for non-TR-069-based deployments
  • Over 300+ device models supported out of the box


Intuitive interface designed to enable simplified interactions with the platform across Network Operations, Deployment Administration, Customer Care, IT and OT organizations, to be able to efficiently identify and solve problems that impact business performance. The functionality available to the operational groups can be defined by the administrators, based on your needs.

  • Real-time and historical whole home network view of WAN and LAN connections
  • Configurable interface to design around the needs and roles of end-users
  • Visual representation of physical device (connections, ports, etc.)
  • Detailed LAN host information
  • Alerts by device and location


The iCE.SelfCare module can be used by any service provider to expand or enhance existing customer support channels with Android and iOS mobile applications or via a web browser. Its primary focus is to allow end-user self-care that minimizes support requirements.

  • Intelligent AutoBot Chat framework that enables implementation of any customer use case scenario
  • Link Autobot to device data for analysis and customized remote actions
  • Predefined problem flows across Voice, Video, Internet, and WiFi
  • Predefined common questions, actions, and resolution flows


The iCE.Collect module provides the ability to collect, process, and store a wide variety of data in a structure that other modules such as iCE.SelfCare, iCE.HelpDesk, and iCE.Insights can consume for its desired purpose.

  • Core data collection and analytics engine for TR-069-based CWMP
  • High-scale and real-time data collection supporting HTTP, file-based, IPDR, and WebPA
  • Define data collection elements and collection periods
  • Data stored in high-scale NoSQL database for usage by analytics and reporting engine


A flexible and configurable analytics and visualization platform that enables you to leverage the insights provided from device data collection. This capability allows you to reactively and proactively identify, diagnose, and solve customer impacting problems.

  • Operational reports to understand device changes, inventory, deployments, device types, SW releases, etc.
  • Customize ML-backed self-healing to enable proactive use cases
  • Quality of Service dashboard for the services you are delivering with the iCE.X platform
  • Custom alerts, alarms, cross device alerts


Secure onboarding of devices, including zero-touch secure onboarding powered by Intel™ SDO. “Defense at depth” model for platform, network, traffic monitoring, and security. SaaS offerings with additional cloud security features.

  • Integration into existing OSS/BSS systems
  • Integrate with critical infrastructure elements for fault monitoring within the iCE.X platform
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment capabilities