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Q. I am new and was not part of the program earlier, how do I get started?
Register yourself on the portal, go through both the modules and then clear the assessment. As soon as you clear the assessment, you can start nominating others.
Q. I have already completed Inspire assessments, how can I contribute now?
You can nominate and train other employees from E3-E5 band. When they complete the assessments you will also receive points. Anyone who cleared the assessment in the last phase, is now at the base level with 10 points, irrespective of whether they were earlier part of a network or not – now you will have to start building networks afresh. However, the earlier accumulated points which have not been redeemed can still be redeemed via extramiles and the points will reflect there.
Q. Is it necessary to complete the assessment?
It is mandatory for every participant to complete the assessment. Points will be awarded only once he/she has successfully finished it.
Q. From where can I take the assessment?
An assessment survey will be triggered as soon as you finish both the curriculum modules.
Q. How many people does each manager have to necessarily train?
There is no maximum limit however, you need to train at least 5 team members/other employees in the band E3 – E5 ONLY to get more points and grow your network.
Q. Can the same person be trained twice?
No, once a trainee has successfully completed the assessment, he/she cannot be trained again.
Q. Is there any material/ document that would help me train other people?
A downloadable version of the training material is shared with all those who have registered on this portal and successfully completed their personal training.
Q. From where can I check my points?
You can check your points from the Profile/ Leaderboard tab on the portal.
Q. Would my points be deducted in case the person I have trained is not able to successfully complete the survey?
No, points are not deducted if your trainee is unsuccessful in completing the survey. However, you will not be rewarded as well for a trainee, till the time he/she qualifies the assessment survey.
Q. What is the Rewards and Recognition system for the program?
Points are awarded as follows –
  • Every manager after clearing the survey is awarded 10 points
  • For every employee that a manager trains directly, he/she is awarded 15 points each
  • For every subsequent training conducted by employees trained by the manager, the manager is awarded 20 points each
According to the number of points accumulate; you are placed in one of the three clubs – silver, gold or platinum. Your club determines the denomination of the voucher you are entitled to. The details of the same are as given below -
150 SILVER INR 750
250 GOLD INR 1250
1000 DIAMOND INR 5000
You have to score a minimum of 150 points to start redeeming your voucher.
Q. Can I nominate anyone from the organization if he/she has not been registered before?
You can ONLY nominate an employee in E3 – E5 band. Any other band nomination other than E3-E5 will be invalid and even if the person completes the training/ assessment, you will not get any points for that and neither will that person get any points.
Q. What happens once an employee has accumulated 5000 or more points?
Once an employee accumulates more than 5000 points, his/her network breaks away from the employee who had nominated him/her originally. While your unredeemed points will remain as is, you will have to start building your network again to gain more points.
Q. The employee I had nominated, has scored more than 5000 points. Will my score be reduced once his/her network chain breaks away?
No, there will be no change in your current points. However, once your nominee’s network chain has broken away from yours, you will not be awarded any points in future as his/her chain grows further.
Q. I am in E3 or above band. From where can I redeem my voucher and how?
Vouchers can be redeemed against the accumulated points on the portal through Please follow the following path to redeem the points –
MyHCL -> XtraMiles -> +Miles -> Inspire

However, unless you reach one of the club levels, you can’t redeem the points. The minimum points that can be redeemed is 150.
Q. I am an existing user. From where can I set a new password for my account?
A new password can be set by clicking on ‘reset password’ on the login page of the portal. You will receive a system generated email on your registered email ID (please also check your ‘junk’ and ‘spam’ folders) which will have a password that can be used to login on the portal. You can reset this password once you have successfully logged on the portal.