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IoT COVID-19 solutions on Hi-Tech


Business Challenge

Business challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt operations in the hi-tech sector’s research and development (R&D) labs and customer experience centers (CECs). Even as nearly 80% of the lab workforce teleworks, a minimum number of critical lab personnel is still required to ensure efficient management and monitoring of processes, equipment, and environments in the labs and CECs. On the other hand, as visits to experience centers have come to a standstill, the enterprises must find out ways to reengage their customers virtually and deliver a complete experience to ensure business continuity and new opportunities with the help of our services in hi-tech. All of this comes coupled with achieving improved visibility into end-to-end operations of the Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), a vital factor of the hi-tech sector that can help address unique opportunities surrounding collaboration materials, quality, and performance of the ODMs.

Reimagined operations and experiences in labs and experience centers should be backed with secure, zero-contact premises, asset health, inventory checks, and continuously monitored processes and lab environments. Together—gaining total visibility into operations of ODMs, enhancing end-customer experiences and operations in R&D labs—underline the importance of reimagining the motive behind the manufacturing processes, existing R&D labs, and customer experience centers.

IOT Proposition

Our proposition

Lab of the Future by IoT WoRKSTM utilizes the ReServ platform and AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality) technology of our hi-tech solutions to enable remote operations and device management, and allows team training to be done more effectively and delivers engaging customer experiences.

Real-time Manufacturing Insights (RMI) solution, by IoT WoRKSTM, delivers real-time operational visibility from ODMs’ shop-floor to top-floor, coupled with advanced analytics, product quality updates, and is preconfigured with ready-to-use connectors, dashboards, and KPIs for role-based viewing—for OEMs and hi-tech customers.

Live Social-Distancing Monitoring (LSDM) by IoT WoRKSTM solution combines radar sensors, AI models, and easily retrofittable distributed architecture that can provide real-time locational insights on people and workforce movements, identify potential hotspots, generate alerts to enable optimization of operations, monitor crowds, and ensure disease-free premises.

Intelligent Asset Tracking & Management (IATM) solution is an end-to-end offering that monitors and automates real-time visibility and control of connected assets to introduce transparency into inventory usage and asset lifecycle management processes, including bringing in automated checking and control of critical asset usage and movement across premises.

IOT Impact

The impact

Lab of the Future provides an enhanced, end-to-end customer experience via remote attendance, delivers a single pane of visibility into lab operations, asset health, and inventory statuses—improving workforce productivity by 20-30% and reducing training costs by 30-50%, enhancing first-time fix rates of complex equipment and lab operations.

RMI solution enables top-quality production processes, greater flexibility in addressing change orders, improved visibility into ODM operations, and de-risking supply chain operations and planning.

The LSDM, with its exceptional centimeter-level tracking accuracy, enables safe, zero-contact premises by ensuring compliance with occupancy norms, thermal screening requirements and reimagines operations for the “new normal.”

The IATM solution introduces almost 98–99% asset visibility and accountability in asset tracking and custody management, 80–85% improvement in asset inventory audit processes. The solution enables the reduction of asset write-off costs by almost 25–30%.

Lab of the future proposition

Enables connected experiences and operations


Single Pane of Vision

Single pane of vision

Enables real-time monitoring of lab assets, equipment, data platform, lab environment—delivering live insights

Guided Ops

Guided ops

Stepwise instructions to lab personnel to resolve on-site issues through a hands-free device with an intuitive, voice-enabled app

Digitized Content

Digitized content

Access to digital content on assets for timely resolutions, training videos to enhance lab personnel before site visit

Access to a repository

Connected ecosystem

Securely IoT-ized assets and platforms extendable to multiple labs to help remotely experiment and get upload-able insights


Automated ops

Enables prediction of asset health, downtimes, and creation of service requests for rapid troubleshooting and resolution

Real-time sensor

Immersive engagement

Enhanced engagement with lab entities, demos—delivering virtual, interactive lab experience for end customers


Ensure Minimal Contact

Ensure minimal contact

Minimal workforce compliant with social distancing norms, ensuring productivity and operations.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience

Immersive VR-enabled content enabling customers to experience the lab and its solutions via remote attendance

Secure Operations

Secure operations

High success rate and improved efficiency of secure and remote service operations, including asset management

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Reduce workforce training costs by 30–50%, minimize error rates and downtimes, monitor assets and environment

Automate Incident Resolution

Automate incident resolution

Predict equipment failures, improve diagnosis, automate service requests to reduce downtimes

Scale and Deploy

Scale and deploy

Rapidly scale up remote workforce and lab monitoring capabilities through IoT-ized assets, platforms, and cloud

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Real-time Manufacturing Insights solution

Real-time operational visibility into ODM operations


Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Role-based visibility of ODM plant efficiency, manufacturing, supply chain ops, with user-defined KPIs

Guided Ops

Predictive quality, alerts

Prediction feature for monitoring product quality coupled with AI/ML and image analytics, live alerts

Digitized Content

Single pane of vision

Monitor, visualize live insights from ODM sites and plant ops—enabling a holistic view of the ecosystem

Access to a repository

Supply chain analytics

Enhance visibility by monitoring materials, early warnings for shortages, prevent inventory pile-up, optimize supply chain ops


Workforce safety

Enhance stakeholder management and regulations compliance, ensure social distancing by enabling floor automation


Ensure Minimal Contact

Enhance quality

Use AI/ML, coupled with image analytics, to predict product defects, improve fault prediction, enabling better planning

Enhance Customer Experience

Enable flexibility

Improve collaboration, optimize the time required to share data, and increase responsiveness

Secure Operations

Improve visibility

Gain visibility into ODM’s orders, batch, model mix, CTQ processes, gain better control of ODM operations

Improve productivity

Connected supply chain

Introduce risk management, improve delivery prediction, enable risk mitigation, enhance end-customer satisfaction

Automate Incident Resolution

Scale and deploy

Implement, scale easily across multiple ODM plants globally—utilize deployment options such as Edge, Cloud, or Hybrid

Live Social-Distancing-Monitoring solution

Reimagine compliant, secure premises


Dwell Times

Dwell times

Can be correlated with queues and wait times, enable smoother operations

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts

Triggered when queue and footfall cross threshold, on detection of infection

Advanced Insights

Heat-maps, interactive Cloud-based dashboards

Enable visibility of live and legacy insights

Advanced Insights

Advanced insights

Track footfall patterns, integrate with identified hotspots, contact tracing


Redefine New Normal

Redefine ‘new normal’

Utilize insights to slow the spread, minimize losses, and reduce health-care spending

Enhance Customer Experience

Automate social-distancing

Premise monitoring and automated alerts help automate social distancing

Secure Operations

Optimize operations

Manage layout and queues based on footfalls, dwell times for smooth operations

Improve productivity

Ensure safe premises

Maintain business continuity, profitability, the safety of people and the workforce

Automate Incident Resolution

Scale and transform

Retrofittable and distributed computing enable rapid implementation at scale

Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management solution

Track assets and enhance asset lifecycle management


Live Asset Monitoring

Live asset monitoring

Track asset location and movement in real-time, with entry and exit detection across critical passage areas

Inventory visibility & alerts

Inventory visibility and alerts

Real-time inventory count and proactive theft prevention alerts

Centralized Records Management

Centralized records management

Central data management and integration, detailed and always-available audit reports

Web & Mobile Apps

Web and mobile apps

Enables end-to-end asset visualization, complete asset lifecycle management—from on-boarding to de-boarding

Cloud-based Dashboards

Cloud-based Dashboards

Displays locations, movement, generates alerts—enabling proactive track-and-trace of assets


Track Asset Movement

Track asset movement

Track location and movement in specified zones and premises with reports on dashboards—enabling greater visibility of assets

Automate Stock-keeping

Automate stock-keeping

Automate manual and physical cycle counts and stock-keeping through different tracking technologies, web and mobile apps

Enhance Lifecycle Management

Enhance lifecycle management

Monitor assets across their lifecycles from procurement to disposal and custody information

Maximize Asset Utilization

Maximize asset utilization

Regularize inventory audits and check for assets nearing end-of-life at the earliest for better utilization

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations

Automate asset tracking to manage inventory cycles and demand forecast better—to ensure hygiene and operations by tracing healthcare assets

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