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IoT COVID-19 solutions on Life Sciences & Healthcare

IoT Life Science and Healthcare

Business Challenge

Business Challenge

As COVID-19 brought countrywide lockdowns and supply chain disruptions in its wake, the life sciences and healthcare industryis evolving rapidly to find healthcare solutions for its severely affected ongoing clinical trials and healthcare value chain..

Travel restrictions on trial patients and medical personnel, and increased chances of infection at medical centers, have reduced physical interactions, resulting in a lack of critical patient information and readily available data. This has severely impacted regulatory submissions, registrations, and the entry of cures or vaccines into the market.

While clinics and hospitals are coping with increasing workloads with social distancing becoming the new way of life, it is inevitable to find solutions to remotely manage the entire healthcare value chain.

The physical systems and processes need to be available remotely– to ensure timely trials, and safety of premises, patients, and medical personnel at an increased risk of exposure.

Our Proposition

Our Proposition

Continuity and integrity of insights collected from clinical trials assume massive importance in deciding outcomes. These expensive trials require constant patient-physician interaction as the effects of these drugs on patients are closely monitored throughout the study period. On the other hand, to ensure that the risk of exposure and contagion for medical personnel and patients is contained, monitoring these premises round-the-clock and optimizing operations according to occupancy assumes vital importance, making IoT solutions critical.

The Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) solution by IoT WoRKSTM and Medable is modeled on ‘Direct to Patient’ technology, leveraging wearables and home-based physiological devices for collecting patient insights remotely.

DCT is one among many IoT solutions by IoT WoRKS™ that reimagines the clinical trial framework and makes patient-enrollment, real-time collection, operational monitoring, analysis of insights, and patient-physician interaction possible amid the COVID-19 restrictions.

The Live Social Distancing Monitoring (LSDM) solution combines radar sensors, AI models, and easily retrofittable distributed architecture. This healthcare solution can provide real-time locational insights on movement, identify potential hotspots, generate alerts to help hospitals and clinics optimize their operations, monitor workloads, and ensure disease-free premises.

The Impact

The Impact

The DCT solution was operationalized in a COVID-19-impacted country in less than six days, helping thepharma companies reduce study timelines by 50%.

There are 30+ global decentralized trials underway, and more than a million patients have been taken on board to the platform.

LSDM solution enables the life sciences and healthcare industry to automate social distancing—reimagining zero-contact premises and maintaining business continuity—and what’s most important is the safety of the patients and medical personnel, thus, directly impacting lives and minimizing human costs.

The rapidly deployable life sciences solutions have helped the healthcare industry fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing smart at scale and ensuring zero contact, secure operations and premises.

Decentralized Clinical Trials solution

Reimagine healthcare outcomes through IoT




Two-way communication using AV, chat functionalities by leveraging user devices



Enables a physician to seamlessly monitor health of patients and advise accordingly

Data Platform

Data platform

Stores clinical trial data and has workflows built into it to trigger clinical interventions

Clinical Analytics

Clinical analytics

Helps study patient and site performances; ensures that the patient is monitored

Support & Learning

Support & learning

Provides therapeutic study knowledge, platform, training, and nursing support


Streamline patient journey

Streamline the patient journey

Identify the patient and site, then accelerate the patient journey; retain and engage patients as well

Single Point Governance

Single-point governance

Ensures source data integrity and eases the burden on patients and sites

Powerful Insights

Powerful insights

Live analytics, operational monitoring; gain insights into trial design and feasibility



Implement, deploy, and support global trials at scale


Live Social Distancing Monitoring Solution

Reimagine compliant, secure premises


Dwell Times

Dwell times

Can be correlated with queues and wait times, enable live adjustments for smoother operations

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts

Triggered when queue, footfall cross the designated thresholds on detection of infection

Heatmaps and Interactive Cloud-based Dashboards

Heatmaps, interactive cloud-based dashboards

Enable visibility of live and legacy insights

Advanced Insights

Advanced insights

Track footfall patterns, integrate with identified hotspots, contact tracing


Redefine New Normal

Redefine the new normal

Utilize insights to slow spread, minimize losses, reduce healthcare spend

Automate Social-Distancing

Automate social-distancing

Premise monitoring, automated alerts help automate social distancing

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations

Manage the layout and queues based on footfall and dwell times for smooth operations

Ensure Safe Premises

Ensure safe premises

Maintain business continuity, profitability, and the safety of people and the workforce

Scale & Transform

Scale & transform

Retrofittable, distributed computing enables rapid implementation at scale

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