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IoT COVID-19 solutions on Travel, Transportation and Logistics


Business Challenge

Business challenge

The travel, transportation, logistics, and hospitality sector has been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. While demand variabilities continue to swing, supply chain disruptions have severely affected the delivery of essentials such as food items, drugs, and PPE kits to affected areas—resulting in rising supply shortages. As organizations scramble to rethink their disrupted supply chains, ensuring the secure delivery of shipments at the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition becomes incredibly challenging as several routes pass through affected areas. Maintaining paper-based documentation processes is also turning out to be difficult as organizations align with social-distancing norms and reduced resources, introducing greater transparency and accountability into the custody management process. Meanwhile, tracing usage, inventory, and movement of healthcare kits and critical assets, as they are transferred across COVID-19 premises and workplaces, is essential to containing the spread of the virus and ensuring assets are utilized in a secure, optimal manner managing their life cycles effectively.

Our Proposition

Our proposition

Intelligent Shipment Monitoring (ISM) solution byIoT WoRKSTM utilizes in-shipment sensors to monitor critical environmental conditions to ensure the quality of drugs, vaccines, food, and other essentials in transit. It can be integrated with maps to deliver near real-time insights on location and recommendations for optimal COVID-19 free transit. It utilizes Blockchain technology to introduce zero-contact, digital custody management that is secure and brings in accountability and transparency.

Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management (IATM) solution is an end-to-end offering that leverages tracking sensors such as RFID and BLE, among others, on-premise IoT gateways, and offers cloud and on-premise deployment options for secure and scalable application—monitoring and automating real-time visibility and control of connected assets to introduce transparency into inventory usage and asset tracking and management processes, including bringing in automated checking and control of critical medical kit usage and movement across COVID-19-hit premises.

Live Social Distancing Monitoring (LSDM) solution combines radar sensors, AI models, and easily retrofittable distributed architecture that can provide real-time locational insights on workforce movements, identify potential hotspots, generate alerts that can help businesses proactively optimize their operations, monitor occupancy, and ensure disease-free premises.

The Impact

The impact

The ISM solution ensures 90% reduction in shipment damages, ensuring safer delivery of essentials, improvements of up to 50% in SLA compliance due to immediate, proactive, and actionable alarms and insights, and paves the way for economical, secure transactions via enterprise systems integration, and a virtually hack-proof Blockchain-based smart contract integration.

The IATM solution introduces almost 98-99% asset visibility and accountability in asset tracking and custody management, 80-85% improvement in asset inventory audit processes. The solution enables the reduction of asset write-off costs by almost 25-30%.

The LSDM solution enables businesses to automate social distancing, thus reimagining zero-contact premises, helping restore business continuity and operational profitability. And most important, ensuring real-time monitoring and maintenance of people and workforce safety.

As we continue our efforts to restore business normalcy in a supply chain disrupted heavily due to the pandemic, organizations must reimagine the role of IoT in bringing greater real-time visibility, accountability, transparency, quality assurance, and maximizing utilization of critical assets to ensure demand and supply variations can be catered to quickly and efficiently in the future. These solutions by IoT WoRKSTM empower next-gen organizations to lead an end-to-end transformation of their secure, zero-contact responsive supply chains.

Intelligent shipment monitoring

Live monitoring of shipments in transit


Real-time expert guidance

Live location tracking

Real-time monitoring of shipments in transit, ensuring timely delivery integrated with maps for optimal COVID-free routes

Access to digital documentation

Blockchain-enabled custody management

Paperless, shared decentralized ledger for transparency, authenticity, accountability, and quality assurance

Access to a repository

Ambient condition monitoring

Temperature, humidity sensors to ensure maintenance of in-shipment conditions, nine-axis accelerometer for tracking damage to the container


Powerful insights

Edge-enabled rule processing, integrated with Cloud dashboards delivering critical actionable notifications and alerts


Minimal physical contact

In-transit shipment tracing

Utilize real-time insights on shipment location to ensure safe, secure delivery of shipments at the right time, in the right place, and the right condition

Enhanced safety

Ensure accountability

Blockchain-enabled custody management ensures transparency and immutability of documentation aligning with regulations and norms

High first-time success rate

Enhance end-user impact

Ensure authenticity, timely delivery of low-shelf life essentials, reduce stockouts, and maintain quality for end-users

Workforce optimization

Reimagine business processes

Accurately track and log to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce manual intervention, automate audit trails to boost productivity

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Intelligent asset tracking and management

Track assets and enhance asset life cycle management


Live Asset Monitoring

Live asset monitoring

Track asset location and movement in real-time, entry and exit detection across critical passage areas

Inventory Visibility & Alerts

Inventory visibility and alerts

Real-time inventory count, and proactive theft prevention alerts

Centralized Records Management

Centralized record management

Central data management and integration, detailed, always available audit reports

Web & Mobile Apps

Web and mobile apps

Enables end-to-end asset visualization, complete asset life cycle management from on-boarding to de-boarding

Cloud Based Dashboards

Cloud-based dashboards

Displays locations, movement, generates alerts, enabling proactive track-and-trace of assets


Track Asset Movement

Track asset movement

Track location and movement in specified zones and on premises with reports on dashboards, enabling greater visibility of asset utilization

Automate Stock-keeping

Automate stock-keeping

Automate manual and physical cycle counts and stock-keeping through different tracking technologies, web and mobile apps

Enhance Lifecycle Management

Enhance life cycle management

Monitor assets across their life cycles from procurement to disposal and custody information

Maximize Asset Utilization

Maximize asset utilization

Regularize inventory audits and check for assets nearing end of life at the earliest for better utilization

Optimized operations

Optimized operations

Automate asset tracking to better manage inventory cycles and demand forecast—ensure hygiene and operations by tracing healthcare assets

Live social distancing monitoring

Reimagine compliant, secure premises


Dwell Times

Dwell times

Can be correlated with queues and wait times, enable live adjustments for smoother operations

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts

Triggered when queue, footfall cross threshold; on detection of infection

Heatmaps and Interactive Cloud-based Dashboards

Heat maps, interactive Cloud-based dashboards

Enable visibility of live and legacy insights

Advanced Insights

Advanced insights

Track footfall patterns, integrate with identified hotspots, contact tracing


Redefine New Normal

Redefine ‘new normal’

Utilize insights to slow spread, minimize losses, reduce healthcare spend

Automate Social-Distancing

Automate social distancing

Premise monitoring, automated alerts help automate social distancing

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations

Manage layout, queues basis footfall, dwell times for smooth operations

Ensure Safe Premises

Ensure safe premises

Maintain business continuity, profitability, safety of people, and workforce

Scale & Transform

Scale and transform

Retrofittable, distributed computing enables rapid implementation at scale

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