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Case Studies

Leading Automobile Manufacturer Selected HCL to Enhance its IT Infrastructure

For one of the largest Sweden based automobile manufacturer, HCL provided 100% offshore support for incident management for five years. The customer leveraged HCL’s co-sourcing model to achieve its business objective.



Challenges for the 21st Century Automotive Enterprise

There are very few industries which have witnessed the scale and velocity of Digital Transformation in the past few years that the automotive industry has. With 21st Century consumers now demanding “Connected Vehicles” and a “Superior Experience Inside and Outside” – the relationship between the automotive company and the consumer does not end when the vehicle is driven off the dealer lot. There are new Digital Platforms & Roadmaps being developed to enable this new 21 Century Automotive Enterprise.  At the same time, auto enterprise IT departments have made huge investments in traditional ERPs, supply chain applications as well as manufacturing applications such as PLM and MES Systems, most of which are still hosted on mainframes and legacy infrastructure. There is an imminent need hence to build IT strategy and roadmaps that enable this transformation while balancing robust operations of the critical legacy investments.

Technology services that bridge old and new

Every automotive company in the 21st Century is steadily being pushed towards adopting the four 21CE tenets – and in every case HCL’s comprehensive portfolio of IT Infrastructure and Applications and Engineering services have been successfully applied to address typical requirements and challenges.

  1. Automotive companies are becoming more and more “Consumer Experience” oriented

    The application of digital technologies in the car and around the buying, selling and servicing processes, is all but ubiquitous today. HCL has redesigned three business units to address the experience needs of the 21st century enterprise – HCL BeyonDigital, HCL IOTWorks and HCL NGITO. Our services offerings leverage decades of engineering expertise to help automotive companies not only design, build and manufacture vehicles, but also create immersive and differentiating experiences. HCL is engaged with 5 of the top 10 automotive OEMs and many of the leading Tier 1s and 2s as their digital and engineering partner.

  2. Automotive companies are becoming more service oriented

    Automotive companies now push for long term relationships with their users with innovative solutions that not only provide the customer with lifetime of service and superior experience but also personalized to their preferences. HCL’s Service Integration and Management (SIAM) expertise has helped one of the world’s largest rail manufacturers achieve multi-service provider harmony and create well-aligned outcome based services which delight customers.

  3. Driven by extended ecosystems

    4.3 Billion Automotive apps will be downloaded by 2018 generating $1.67B in revenue. Spotify in the car is just the tip of the iceberg and Auto companies are responding by spending millions on cloud, mobile and digital infrastructures – so that they can maximize their ecosystem play. HCL’s 21CE focused IT Infrastructure Services bring together next-gen DC architectures and the power of automation and orchestration to create an agile and collaborative enterprise that is open for digital business

  4. Automotive companies are becoming increasingly lean while staying agile to meet changing demands

    While Automotive companies were among the first to espouse the principles of lean and Kanban – making the  IT side of the house more efficient that HCL has been helping automotive companies for more than a decade. Whether it is helping a leading American Motor Vehicle parts supplier bring about process benefits or applying our application packaging factory for a leading German Auto company to increase cost savings HCL has been applying decades of IT experience in the manufacturing sector to bring about efficiencies in automotive companies through a comprehensive portfolio of IT services covering applications, legacy and modern infrastructures and engineering. Today with our DryICE automation and orchestration framework, we are bringing the same principles of lean and waste elimination to IT systems and processes – helping forge truly 21st Century Automotive enterprises

How can HCL help you?

Can an Automotive company be a truly Cloud Native Enterprise? Can an Automotive company replace legacy infrastructures with hybrid clouds which are secure, agile and fast? Can an Automotive company rapidly orchestrate complex services which create customer delight? Can the IT department in an Automotive company be the core engine of its growth and forward march into the 21st century? The answer to all of the above is yes; and HCL can help you meet these challenges through our culture of value centricity, fearless innovation and commitment to building Relationships Beyond the Contract.

If our vision of the 21st Century Enterprise is in line with the expectations placed on your IT Team, please feel free to contact us to learn about our full range of IT Infrastructure, Application and Engineering services for the Automotive Industry.  

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Case Studies

Leading Automobile Manufacturer Selected HCL to Enhance its IT Infrastructure
HCL helps Leading American Motor Vehicle Parts Supplier Reduces Costs & Brings in...
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.