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HCL's Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) has developed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (HCL BCP/DR), to help organizations achieve operational continuity, industry-specific regulatory compliance, enhanced system availability, and integrated IT risk management strategies. Besides an assess–plan–design–test cycle to boost business infrastructure, HCL Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services offer both proactive and event-driven services to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives. Our BCP consulting framework comprises consulting, green field implementation, assessment, and review across the different stages of the BCP lifecycle.

Our BC/DR delivery methodology includes Analysis & Review (the first two phases), Design & Implementation (the next two phases), and Sustenance & Support (the final phase). HCL’s business continuity services—for specific requirements, single phase, or end-to-end business continuity management—include:

  • Assessment Services- Current state evaluation, policy and plan reviews, risk and threat assessment, business impact analysis, DR solution review/design
  • Implementation Services- Customized disaster recovery and business continuity plan development—taking people, processes, and technologies into account for swift post-interruption recovery
  • Audit Services- Internal audits for BC/DR fulfilling BS25999 and SAS 70 standards; alongside external audits support
  • IT and Data Continuity Services- IT continuity maintenance and data recovery of data post-disaster
  • Hosted DR Solutions- Flexibility for dedicated infrastructures at captive and HCL/Partner centers; the solution comprises:
  • Vaulting BCP consulting Solutions
  • Media/ Tape Management services
  • Management of Virtualized environments
  • Managed DR Solutions- Dedicated and shared delivery models (onsite, offshore hybrid) for enhanced solution delivery, including:
  • Global Compliance Management services
  • Technology Management services
  • Drill Administration Services
  • Vendor Management Services
  • Profile/ Policy Administration

At HCL, we leverage the extensive expertise of our solution partners, Sungard EMC2 and Iron Mountain Computer Associates, as well as our technology partners which include Cisco Systems HP, IDS Scheer Symantec, and Dell NetApp, to help organizations to deploy an effective and efficient business continuity services plan.

Summary: HCL’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery offers end-to-end risk assessment and operational continuity services.

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