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Cloud Solutions: Success Case

Financial-services Firm Utilizes HCL ISD’s Cloud Consulting and Assessment Services to Make Informed Decision about Cloud Adoption

The leading Australian financial-services firm with operations across the globe —The U.S., the U.K and Asia Pacific, needed a service provider to study and recommend a Cloud Management solution based on its IT infrastructure requirements. The company appointed HCL ISD to provide Cloud Consulting & Assessment services for scalability and adherence to current ITIL-based processes as well as analysis of monitoring and management tools in adopting Cloud environment.

Area of Engagement Key Business 
Solution Benefits
A leading Australian bank provides a wide range of financial services to its customers worldwide. The company wanted to assess its existing IT infrastructure for scalability and migration to Cloud as well as adhere to current ITIL based processes. Analysis and exploration of current IT environment

Alignment of IT infrastructure with changing business requirements
Developed insights about filtration of IT resources

Capability to move into Cloud environment

To meet the customer’s expectations, HCL ISD followed a phase-based approach:

Phase 1

Assessment of the customer’s IT environment: During this phase, HCL ISD categorized requirements as:

  • ‘Necessary for Now,’
  • ‘Will be required in future’
  • ‘Can wait or are good to have’.

Evaluation of Various Cloud Management solutions: In this phase, HCL ISD did analysis of the tools from various aspects such as functionality, compliance, process adherence, total cost of ownership among others. On the basis of these parameters, the study presented independent and unbiased recommendations on choice of Cloud management solution that best suited our customer’s requirements.

Phase 2

Assessment of technology landscape and operating model: In this phase, HCL ISD did analysis of critical business and support processes, in addition to monitoring and management tool operations that were required as the company was moving forward in Cloud environment.

To match the scalability to Cloud model, HCL ISD analyzed and compared various processes and tools on the basis of its best practices. Post-analysis, and based on recommendations for existing processes and tools, customer was able to understand the scalability of current set-up into a Cloud environment.

Benefits Driven

  • The customer was imparted with the requisite information about its current preparedness to migrate into Cloud environment.
  • The study also made the customer aware of all requirements and challenges that he would be facing during this transformation.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.