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Data Center Consulting

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Decoding Successful IT Automation

Automation, along with its many promises, also carries stigmas, preconceptions and misconceptions that are frequently overlooked. Read this newsletter to be aware and prepared for some of the pitfalls that lie ahead.



Challenges we address

Enterprises, in today’s rapidly changing and intensely competitive environment, have no option but to find innovative methods to meet business needs. Enterprises today, seek to transform IT infrastructure services to gain scalability and flexibility.

However any transformation comes with a set of challenges. From improving existing systems to future–proofing their architecture, modern day CIOs face unique strategic challenges from all possible sides.

As technology becomes an increasingly important aspect of business, the pressure on the CIO and other IT leaders build up. 21st Century Enterprises are demanding innovation, speed, and flexibility from data center providers. End users now demand more self-service options and personalized experiences and this in turn demands much more from the IT department. This results in the need for increased security of data being used on consumer devices and cloud native applications. On top of that, the sheer pace at which technology is evolving today makes it almost impossible to use existing resources to provide innovative solutions which solves business critical challenges through continuous improvement.

Most Quite clearly IT leaders wish to overcome the inflexibility and increased costs which are direct results of the above mentioned IT developments as they wish to shift more resources to innovation based roles in order to develop a competitive edge.

HCL’s Data Center Consulting framework: V-transform

HCL, in order to meet new needs via world-class data center design services for facilities modernization, offers a wide range of data center Consulting services that covers every phase of a data center’s life cycle, ranging from initial datacenter design consultation to modernization of existing facilities. to meet new needs via world-class data center design services for facilities modernization. If your data center is already operational, our team of experts can add value to your existing data center by optimizing operations, adding infrastructure elements (compute, storage, database and network etc.) and implementing technology applications to reduce cost and increase security and efficiency.

Our comprehensive data centre Consulting Service is based on the V-transform Framework. The V-transform framework essentially works on ‘discover, analyze, design, and valuate’ principles. This is backed by our partner eco-system and analytics-led approach. We help you assess your ‘as-is’ state and determine your ‘to-be’ state, this inturn enables you to seamlessly shift from traditional infrastructure silo’s to next generation service delivery models. With our offerings, you benefit from emerging services such as Software defined infrastructure, data center consolidation, Cloud Computing, and Service automation.


Data Centre Consulting


HCL vTransform approach: Identify, define & progress on a set of IT Transformation initiatives based on the client’s current IT landscape using HCL V-Transform framework which is focused and in line with the client business roadmap strategy.

What you can expect

At HCL, we assure you that the enterprise IT team drives the convergence of technology with business driven outcomes which is delivered through an integrated service delivery model. We empower our customers with the flexibility to meet changing business demands, enable them to leverage industry wide Data Center technology trends (such as SMAC, Automation and Software defined anything), and more importantly help them go beyond than just keeping the lights on.

Our vTransform excellence team delivers continuous IT value by driving innovation and continuous service improvement and systematic improvement plans. With our standardized global delivery processes and IP’s, you accelerate implementation time, realize quicker return on investments (ROI), and achieve desired business goals.

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Decoding Successful IT Automation
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HCL Enterprise Cloud Services Brochure
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.