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Decoding Successful IT Automation

Automation, along with its many promises, also carries stigmas, preconceptions and misconceptions that are frequently overlooked. Read this newsletter to be aware and prepared for some of the pitfalls that lie ahead.




Challenges We Address

Changing economic trends and emerging technologies are seeing enterprises usher in a new era in which customer demand services at lightning quick pace. Reduced service times in today’s competitive market are providing enterprises a huge advantage over their adversaries. These changes now puts pressure on enterprises to re-think their operational and organizational priorities. IT infrastructure leaves its fingerprint on every part of a business and the enterprise data center is its major component, it helps to transform an organization’s infrastructure and operations.

To keep up with the sheer pace of modern day business, data centers need to support an agile infrastructure by leveraging key technologies such as, Virtualization technology, Cloud technology and service models, Automation, Software-defined infrastructure and Hybrid cloud environments. Data center consolidation should not be viewed as an everyday task, instead IT leaders must do a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis before embarking on a data center consolidation or modernization journey. This will provide you with an in-depth assessment of your existing infrastructure which will help you decide the extent to which you require to adopt leading-edge technologies and approaches. The business have to examine how a data center consolidation and modernization project will eventually affect IT platforms and systems.


In the coming days IT services will quite vehemently adopt public cloud. In order to keep up with this trend, private cloud environments will need to acquire attributes such as enhanced agility, abstraction and experience. Secondly, more services will be consumed via a platform as a service model. At the same time, cost models will also go through an evolution process along with the way in which services would be consumed which slowly shifting to a “consumption based model” . All these changes will impact how services will be delivered to a 21st century enterprise.

HCL has over a decade of experience in proactively managing large data center consolidation projects using state of the art tools and mature industrialized methodologies for data center migration, consolidation, virtualization, hybrid cloud deployment, cloud assessment, and other sub-processes such as transitions based on HCL's ASSeT Framework and HCL Gold Standard Best Practices. These frameworks have helped businesses in building a modern, agile, lean, and resilient infrastructure.

HCL has built a very mature and established global data center transition framework to address our customer’s requirements. The core philosophy of HCL solution frameworks is to have a 360-degree view of the solution and to not restrict to a myopic technical view. This consists of data center end state design based upon data centre consolidation, remote site consolidation and standardization, cloud readiness, state of the art monitoring and management infrastructure, and also movement of applications to Public/Private Cloud. HCL also deploys a single orchestration layer for better management of the entire state.

Data Center Consolidation Methodology

HCL’s consolidation methodology is based on a four-phased concept - Assess, Architect, Implement and Manage. HCL also conducts a short, business-oriented feasibility study before commencing the data center consolidation project.

What You Can Expect

In every data center consolidation project, HCL focuses on delivering the following potential consolidation benefits:

  • Reduced IT cost by 35-40%
  • Increased Virtualization ratio to north of 85%
  • Cloud Ready Data Center Architecture
  • Simplified automated management processes using HCL’s DRY ICE framework
  • Centralized operations
  • Improved system availability and security
  • IT Landscape Rationalization to achieve higher levels of scalability, availability and density 

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HCL Enterprise Cloud Services Brochure
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.