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Identity & Access Management


In today’s highly connected business environment, organizations are striving to become more accessible to their stakeholders. Consequently, diverse applications with incompatible security models are deployed, that result in increased risk of identity theft and unauthorized access, and failure to meet regulatory compliance. Further, inadequate security governance will put critical business data and information assets at a risk. After all, identity access management is the focal point of organization governance and it is imperative that an identity management software is built around it. Organizations should also focus on user access management as they are often neglected.

HCL’s Identity and User Access Management Software Services secures organizational, confidential, and personal data with comprehensive and robust offerings. Our Identity and Access Management Service offerings are aligned with the intention of tying together horizontal and vertical layers, each comprising specialized services. HCL’s Identity Governance Services offer solutions developed specifically around Role Management, SoD Compliance, Entitlement Management and re-certification. Our IAM offering focusses on addressing audit and accountability issues, insider threat, loss of sensitive information, and specifically administrative overhead and downtime. IAM enables controlled privileged remote access and SSO, Session Management, and rigorous auditing and monitoring of Privileged Sessions through session recording and reporting.

Organizations can benefit from HCL’s Identity and Access Management services in the following ways –

  • User Experience, Productivity, and Empowerment: Enhances personalization of content and delivery of services via self-service processes and simplifies user accessibility across applications with the help of a single sign on
  • IT & Information Management Efficiency: Streamlines efforts required to maintain consistency of identity management and its updating
  • Accountability & User Privacy: Defines benchmarks for business and technology standards, trust, and non-repudiation among participating organizations to establish accountability. It also ensures privacy of information exchanged between participating agencies
  • Application Development Agility: Accelerates application development cycles through reusable integration and security components and improves business competitiveness by building new services quickly
  • Achieving ROI: Reduces time and resource required to administer user ID passwords, minimizes productivity time lag, and eliminates the possibility of major breach of security through a single sign on

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