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Introducing 21CE

The 21st Century Enterprise (or 21CE) is the blueprint for an Enterprise that is focused on thriving by creating unified experiences for their customers, in a world driven by rapid technology change, where consumer behavior and market dynamics are in a state of flux. Delivering unified experiences in the face of constant change is no trivial task – and it needs enterprises to be:

  1. Experience Oriented from the grounds up
  2. Obsessively service oriented
  3. Driven by extended ecosystems
  4. Agile like a start-up while delivering like a Lean Enterprise

If there is one common thread across all four tenets, it is IT. It is the through the power of technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, IT Process Automation, Cognitive Computing, Service Integration and Management – that 21st Century Enterprises can deliver truly and consistently deliver winning experiences.

IT that delivers “Push Button Experiences”

It is not an exaggeration to claim that today’s modern consumer and employee expects personalized experiences at the push of a button. Imagine the same power at the hands of business, where with a virtual push of the button it can orchestrate magical experiences for its consumer. Let’s take a simple use case of a business launching a new digital product or a service. In the 20th century enterprise this would mean long IT requisition / procurement cycles, expensive design, code, test and deploy exercises, tons of coordination issues between various internal and external suppliers - IT ends up becoming a cost to business, a bottleneck and an expense.

HCL’s 21CE vision proposes that the same digital product or service can be launched with the click of a button. This is possible because in the 21st Century Enterprise, applications are quickly composed of modular services picked out of a catalog; while, automation and orchestration ensure that all the underlying storage, compute, networking and security infrastructure behind these services are provisioned quickly and in the most optimum configurations. And while the new product or service is running, the 21st Century Enterprise is constantly learning through thousands of data streams coming in from sensors and logs and from consumers - processing petabytes in seconds to provide real time feedback to business to ensure that a united experience is being delivered to the customer.

In a way the 21st Century Enterprise is a *living thing* and technology is its heart; while a spirit of fearless innovation (what we call ideapreneurship) is the soul.

IT Infrastructure Services reimagined for 21CE

The vision of the 21st Century Enterprise is not fiction, but is driven by real innovation and change that HCL has been delivering to hundreds of our customers. Many of the 21CE services that we offer today are redefinitions of traditional IT services – which some are brand new ones; created for one single purpose – creating unified experiences.

Here is a view into the service landscape for the 21st Century Enterprise:


Innovations such as

  • Hybrid DC architectures which dynamically optimize workloads depending on user and applications
  • Workplace IT that automatically configures itself based on employee profile
  • nGEN networks which reorganize flow based on demand
  • Posture based security which dynamically reorients based on kind of threat or nature of target
  • Pattern driven platforms which allow dynamic creation of applications by composing micro-services from a catalog
  • Zero wastage and Extremely Lean IT enabled through powerful AI-driven Automation
  • … all tied together by Service eXchange for Service Integration and Orchestration

These are not figments of imagination but glimpses of what HCL has been delivering to many of its 300 global customers to help them be ready for the challenges of the 21st Century.

How can HCL help you?

If our vision of the 21st Century Enterprise is in line with demands and expectations placed on your IT department by a forward-looking business – just let us know. Our sales and technology reps will be happy to take you through our 21CE vision in detail, which could very well be the start of something very new for your organization.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.