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Cyber Security & GRC Services

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Decoding Successful IT Automation

Automation, along with its many promises, also carries stigmas, preconceptions and misconceptions that are frequently overlooked. Read this newsletter to be aware and prepared for some of the pitfalls that lie ahead.



Cyber Security & GRC Overview

HCL Cyber Security & Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) services portfolio integrates business context intelligence, industry best practices & standards, regulatory landscape, vertical/sectorial requirements, cyber threat data and insights which is further operationalized by team of experienced SMEs, specialized researchers & certified consultants offering agility to our client organizations to meet their security, governance risk & regulatory compliance objectives.

Challenges we address

Technology trends such as Cloud, Digitalization, Internet of Things, Data Protection and & Regulatory Compliances are belligerently redefining an Enterprise’s need of Cyber Security & Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). For instance, in today’s scenario perimeters are increasingly becoming irrelevant and traditional approach adopted for data security services are no longer sufficient coupled with new regulatory and compliance measures add to the pressure on enterprises today. Today, it is not from previously known cyber threats that Cyber Security practitioners need to be prepared for, but from those that are "Unknown". Cyber Security & GRC Services are constantly evolving and its practitioners are finding it very challenging not just to secure everything that they own but also what they do not own, manage, or control.

Too much time and money is being invested on responding to incidents, and not enough on preventing the attacks from happening in the first place. Technology is just a basic building block of security, and not the answer. Our adversaries aren't beating us with better technology but with more creativity, patience and persistence. In order to win this battle, Security professionals need to think and act more like the attackers they're battling.

The major challenges being faced by enterprises today are:

  • Constantly adapting to rapidly changing regulatory norms
  • Coining the right risk and security posture
  • Ensuring that their new offerings are secure and compliant for consistent user experience
  • Enhanced Mobility has now widened the perimeter of one’s work environment well beyond its boundaries “Identity is the new perimeter”
  • To manage costs while staying compliant and protected

For detailed insights on our Cyber Security & GRC Offerings Click below:

GRC Consulting Services GRC Consulting Services


HCL Cyber Security & GRC Services Portfolio

We leverage our vast experience of around 20 years in Cyber Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) arena and cover the entire gamut of Security & GRC needs of an enterprise as part of our portfolio.

center Service Excellence

Benefits delivered to our Clients

  • Comprehensive & industry recognized integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) called BRiCS™ framework which bridges the gaps between IT and Business and incorporates industry and geography specific regulatory & risk management needs
  • Mature and proven Cyber Security Framework for assisting an enterprise’s security transition & transformation programs which successfully covers the depth and breadth of cyber threats that impacts an enterprise’s intellectual capital, reputation and its ability to run critical business functions
  • Skilled and experienced professionals with hands-on expertise and diversified awareness on technologies for faster adoption of product skills to handle complex implementation
  • Vendor Agnostic – solution design based on existing environment, requirements at hand and clients overall IT roadmap
  • Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge-base created by HCL’s Dedicated Center of Excellence for Cyber Security & GRC practice, through implementation experiences, PoC’s developed and collaboration with our esteemed partners
  • Flexible operating/pricing models for quick implementation cycles & tangible return on investment
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.