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Media, Publishing & Entertainment

The media, publishing & entertainment sector is relatively a small outsourcing market in contract to other sectors such as financial services and banking. But a big number of our customers is from this vertical.
We provide infrastructure services to the entire media ecosystem that includes radio and TV broadcasters, book and magazine publisher, media and entertainment firms among others. To deliver strategic IT services, we divide this vertical into three micro verticals, including:


For newspapers, TV news channels and online news portals, delay of one second means slipping on the opportunity of “breaking news” — which ultimately contributes to heavy revenue loss. IT may not be the reason of this loss but effective and strategic IT helps such companies not to miss out on any of such opportunities when everything is in place and, moreover, it helps them focus on their core activities. Our experience in delivering IT services to media, publishing and entertainment companies helps us stand out among the crowd as we know what you want.


IT is the backbone of this micro vertical. As this sector face increasing global competition, it’s important for the entertainment companies to focus on core business activities. Having ready access to an advanced, resilient, secure infrastructure is one reason customers from global media ecosystem outsource their IT services with us.


In this recovering global economy, cost saving is the primary business objective of this sector. And, IT infrastructure outsourcing give them a good chance to leverage external economical resources and save costs further by reducing human resource and IT asset redundancies yet dramatically improve the stability and performance of the IT systems they rely on.
Our customer list is primarily made up with the following companies:
  • A leading news & information services provider
  • A leading music company
  • A leading American entertainment firm
  • A leading diversified global media company
  • Leading publishing houses
  • A leading European gaming group
  • A leading provider of Web advertising data
  • Global leading music publishers
  • A leading multimedia company
HCL ISD’s approach to serve you goes beyond traditional infrastructure services. It is more inclined to create value for you by integrating our infrastructure, applications and business processes that align with your vision and strategy. Our best practices and proven methodologies help you convert fixed costs into variable costs.
Success Stories
  • U.S.’ Leading Business News Provider Reduced 20 to 25% IT Costs Through Its Partnership with HCL
  • HCL Ensured Cost Optimization Benefits for a Leading Magazine Publisher
  • Global Music Conglomerate Achieves Strengthened IT Infrastructure
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.