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Transformational Network Services


Robust network infrastructure is essential for 21st century enterprises – augmenting IT outcomes, ensuring engagement and driving business efficiency. However, modern connectivity solutions have to address several emerging challenges, such as:

  • Dynamic traffic patterns
  • Growing data volumes
  • Increasing bandwidth requirements
  • Disruptive technologies such as Cloud and IoT

With connectivity as their operational backbone, 21CEs must therefore embrace rapid transformation that’s augmented by managed network support, and design a hyper-responsive business blueprint. This necessitates a composite transitioning of existing network services, alongside infrastructure upgradation, in-sync with today’s digital economy.

As a result, state-of-the-art network solutions must ensure the following features:

  • Adaptability to technological changes
  • Capabilities for global expansion/increasing geographical reach
  • Centrally managed network services across units
  • Consistent end-user experiences

HCL has worked closely with IT leaders for over two decades – initiating digital transformation that is both intrinsic and comprehensive. 21CE digital models – that are ‘experience-centric’, ‘service-oriented’ and ‘outcome-based’ – are at the heart of our large-scale network revamp and managed IT services portfolio. Bolstered by analytics driven insights, strong industry partnerships, cutting-edge execution frameworks, and extensive experience in managed network services, we re-architect existing infrastructure and legacy networks.

Our managed network service offerings include:

  • Data Centre Transformation – Network Service Node, SDN, and NFV/VNF
  • WAN – SDWAN, iWAN, Cloud-based WAN, cross connect and express route, and SD L2 Backbone
  • Voice & UCaaS - UCaaS, Audio/video conferencing, UCC monitoring & analytics, Contact center, and Wi-Fi
  • Automation and Orchestration Solutions - System integration tools, Integrated DDI, IP address management, Network automation & analytics, API integration, Network lifecycle management, Task-based automation, and Workflow-based automation
  • SDN Readiness Assessment – Assessment for infrastructure and operational readiness, Organizational change planning, and Sustainable business realignment

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