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The concept of “workplace of the future” is constantly evolving, as most technology initiatives are centered on social, cloud, mobile, and analytics.  The modern workplace is able to gauge the needs of the users and craft an infrastructure equipped with the essential applications to bring about cost efficiency and enhance productivity and agility. However, the importance of user profiling is critical here as a workplace of the future comprises various kinds of users. HCL’s User Profile Assessment services engage clients to segregate user profiles with Data Analytics, provide better visibility with regards to working style, productivity, and experience while it helps companies understand the device workload trends and the necessary transformations to be put in place.

HCL’s KaleidoscopeTM services enable organizations to segregate user profiles with the use of real-time Data Analytics, enhance visibility with regards to user work styles, productivity, mobility, security, experience, device workload trends, etc., to help identify and create a modern workplace for all profiles. HCL’s KaleidoscopeTM will furnish companies with better workplace assessment reports that include resource inventory and utilization alongside workplace sustainability health and diagnostics reports. 

KaleidoscopeTM services help provide improved workplace profiles to better understand profile definitions in order to identify the workplaces of the future. KaleidoscopeTM also furnishes fit-for-purpose solutions and services for all end users.

The benefits offered by these solutions extend to all the stakeholders involved as it will help organizations attract potential talents, enhance ROI through better optimization of every user profile and help improve user satisfaction and productivity. The services will also provide the right solutions for the end users and facilitate an improved user experience. From an IT point of view, user profiling services can improve the security and monitoring of the modern workplace environment as well as cut down incident and problem tickets.

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