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Job Summary

The purpose of this role is to Responsible for offering training in a job-specific area. Focuses on teaching specific areas of knowledge or on-the-job capabilities needed for certain positions (1.) - Plan and prepare a range of training activities as per the identified training needs for employees

- Create / revise / update training visual aids and hand-outs for new / existing courses based on feedbacks, new data, issues, etc. for the training activities planned

- Engage / interface with the business to understand their training requirements

- Share updates with the instructional design team to modify training material accordingly

- Share approved training hand-outs to training coordinator to prepare training kits; Review the training kits and recommend changes, if required
(2.) - Coordinate with the training coordinator to prepare the logistics for training delivery such as training room, training invitations, etc..
- Prepare set up for training, ensure pre-training activities completion, inform participants on training schedule and facilities available, distribute hand-outs and evaluation form to participants, deliver the course, respond to questions and issues raised by participants
(3.) - Evaluate training effectiveness and provide inputs for modification
- At the end of each training programme, request participants to fill in the evaluation form; Collect all the evaluation forms and reconcile number of forms with attendance sheet; Remit all evaluation forms to training coordinator for compilation
- Receive feedback from supervisor and identify scope for improvement
- Revise and enhance training programs as per the feedback received
EXPERIENCE: 4.5-8 Years