Human Resources(Generalist HR) | Analyst - HRO | Sofia

Job Summary

Please input Job Description in Additional requirements free text box (1.) - Collate requests received from internal customers on a daily basis; Understand the requirements of the customer from the process & application (HCL employees, managers, HR teams, etc.)</br>
- Collate data and perform the analysis on various parameters specified and provide the information as required</br>
- Maintain internal database files and develop reports to help decision making with respect to policies and processes on a periodic / ad-hoc basis</br>
- Prepare presentations of the analysis done on the assigned module / data cuts for the various stakeholders</br>
- Collect information from different BUs in HCL, collate the information and then prepare the relevant letters (joining letter, release letter, increment letter, service certificate, etc.) for the identified employees, as and when required.</br> (2.) - Create service levels reports for the assigned area (Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Training & Development, Data Management or Relocation)</br>
- Analyse the same on an on-going basis for issues related to quality and/or timelines; Take corrective measures to resolve issues</br>
- Highlight complex areas of concern to supervisor; Provide inputs for action planning and take corrective measures as directed by supervisor</br>
- Share experience and learning with team and document the same</br> (3.) - Analyse the root causes for recurring service level issues in discussions with internal customers and supervisors</br>
- Validate feasibility of service level agreement with respect to timelines for the tasks under consideration and suggest changes to supervisor, if required</br>
- Recommend enhancements to existing processes, methodologies and documentation to supervisor; Update the same as directed by supervisor</br> (4.) - Participate in the review and development of applications like i4excel (PMS) application by upgrading the application on a regular basis</br>
- Support the HR partners on queries which they encounter while working on the application</br>
- Share input and gaps identified with the supervisor and the team and participate in the brainstorming on these issues by the team</br>
- Prepare training material for applications for all the users i.e. employees, managers, business heads and HR partners</br>
EXPERIENCE: 0-2.5 Years