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Our employees’ passion to succeed must be kindled, ignited and nurtured in the right direction. Afterall, our employees have questioning minds that must be ignited for a continuous quest for innovation. In our Redefined Workplace, we believe in kindling minds through appropriate engagement channels, igniting innovation through equal and equitable programs and nurturing employee well-being through career growth development and individual wellness programs.

HCL: Kindling

Directions 2012

Directions is an annual employee event where the CEO and the leadership team share the vision and strategy of  HCLT with all employees. Every year, Vineet Nayar, our former Vice-Chairman  & former CEO, set aside two-weeks to travel across various HCLT facilities and conducted this event. Strategic decision-making among a select few is taken out of a conventional closed-door format and is instead transformed into an interactive session where the employees engage directly with the Management.

This year, Directions 2012, was organized for the first time at a global level with 25,000+ employees interacting with the CEO directly on topics relating to our overall vision, strategy and specific goals for the forthcoming year.  Through this event, the CEO reinstated a sense of ownership across employees reminding them how their individual contributions fit into the larger organizational framework.

EPIC -Employee Passion Indicative Count

HCL: Kindling 1Through our EPIC assessment, we identify our employees’ Passion Indicator, the individual factors that drive them to excel at work.

This year, 5026 employees participated in the EPIC assessment  where they received an ‘Individual Report’ showcasing their Top 5 Passion Indicators. EPIC team reports were also generated.

This exercise enables managers to better understand the competencies of their team members. EPIC focuses on action-orientation through a platform called PEET (Post EPIC Effectiveness Tracker) which gives a quantitative approach towards team development and it allows the managers to keep track of the development activities they conduct for their teams.

EPIC results impact performance and productivity, proving that passion is a key factor that must be kindled in all employees.

ECHO: Understanding the employee’s experience

HCL: ECHOEcho is our Annual Employee-Experience Index survey that encourages our  employees to share their overall experiences on various aspects like the organizational culture, ‘Employees First’ orientation, work-environment and performance management. Feedback from this survey enables us to understand the aspirations and key drivers for employee engagement and development.

This year, 23,363 employees gave their feedback through ECHO. The number of respondents has almost doubled from last year with 72% of our employees rating HCLT as a great place to work for.

Meme: Our first-of-a-kind  social networking platform

Our social networking site, Meme enables employees to interact with each other irrespective of their geographical or domain boundaries. Collaboration is increased which leads to creativity, innovation and enhanced problem resolution.

This innovation is also our organization’s answer on how to manage generational-diversity.

One of Meme’s key features include content viralling; its ability to integrate seamlessly with other knowledge repositories which makes it a sustainable social learning platform.

Users leverage this platform  by creating a direct interface with various enabling functions like Human Resources (HR), IT Help Desk and Other Service Desks.

Ask HR on Meme is dedicated to resolving HR related queries across various business units.  This has resulted in the resolution of over 4190 + HR related queries, which has reduced query resolution time by 90%

Besides bringing collaboration across the diverse workforce and increasing employee productivity, this platform has also helped in generating innovative ideas across the globe.

930 business innovation ideas from employees working on diverse projects and domains have been mined from Meme

Reaching out to the community through Meme

HCL: CommunityPages with a community-service focus  are popular on Meme. ‘Power of One’, HCLT’s most dynamic employee-owned Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is actively promoted through Meme which has a large database of our community-service information.

Virtual Blood Bank (VBB) is a Meme-based application that employees use to mobilize blood donations by reaching out to employee donors within our organization. This year, 1200+ employees have used the Virtual Blood Bank.

Meme is also used by various enabling functions to conduct surveys and gauge employee responses. Employee Life Cycle offerings like 360* feedback and EPIC (Employee Passion Indicator Count) witnessed a surge in employee participation after being promoted on Meme.

MEME Statistics

We anticipate that social collaboration tools will play a crucial role in changing the face of organizational structures in the future. Meme has enabled HCLT’s business leaders, architects, sales leaders and policy-makers to promote, collaborate, ideate and make decisions with this revolutionary platform.

HCL: MEME Statics

BlogHer Platform 

HCL: Blog Her PlatformHCLT’s BlogHer platform facilitates discussions on gender specific matters and encourages employees to share their thoughts through blogging.

BlogHer has a member base of 939 employees and has conducted 2 contests and mediated 4 online discussion threads. In FY 2012, the inputs shared on the work-life continuity thread on BlogHer influenced the creation of a flexi-work hour and part-time policy in the organizations. Such platforms are sensitization tools for managers which enable them to understand the expectations of our women workforce, some of which remain unstated in real life situations.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.