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ALT ASM™: HCL's alternative view on managing applications

The Situation Today

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing an exponential increase in patents, rapid expansion into emerging markets, and fierce competition from generics. The industry has been transformed over the past ten years, but the IT service model has had trouble keeping up.

The next-generation pharmaceutical outsourcer is dealing with a shrinking economy. Top- and bottom-line pressures are making it difficult to maintain current IT services, let alone fund transformation. Application Support & Maintenance (ASM) providers should be able to reduce the cost of service and focus on the quality of the end customer’s experience. This can happen only if the ASM service provider offers a business-aligned operating model.

How HCL Can Help

ALT ASM — HCL’s alternative to traditional ASM services — helps pharma organizations remain incident free through an exhaustive array of domain-specific tools, dashboards, mobility solutions, plug-ins, and solution accelerators that can proactively reduce the number of tickets to zero.

HCL’s ALT ASM solution for pharmaceutical companies delivers an application environment that is as hassle free as SaaS. Our engagements focus on improving the quality of experience and achieving business process KPIs that solve the disconnect between IT and business.

Pharma ALT ASM

What You Can Expect

ALT ASM™ caters to the requirements of enterprises of the future by leveraging HCL’s expertise as a next-generation outsourcer. Here are some of the benefits we provide:

  • A business-aligned target operating model that increases engagement efficiency
  • Proactive incident and service request management for increased engagement efficiency
  • Highly flexible staffing model for reduced risk of fluctuation in business
  • Alignment between business and IT KPIs
  • Committed operational gains from the first year using LEAN principles

To ensure excellence in knowledge management, HCL creates a customer academy for every ALT ASM™ engagement. Other tools and processes that support ALT ASM™ include:

GxP Compliant ALT ASM

GxP Compliant ALT ASM: ALT ASM engagements leverage HCL’s regulatory compliance and validation CoE to ensure the involvement of subject matter experts and RAPS-certified auditors. Our proactive risk mitigation strategies reduce non-compliance through appropriate risk assessment methodologies. Predefined protocols based on industry best practices are employed to ensure compliance with GxP, Gamp 5, 21 CFR Part 11, and any local agency requirements.

What We’ve Done for Others

HCL has delivered substantial value to customers in the pharmaceutical industry through our unique response to the challenges of ASM services. In particular, we have

  • supported more than 2,000 applications across the pharmaceutical value chain (in R&D, manufacturing and supply chain, and sales and marketing), extensively analyzed incident and service request volumes, and mapped them to the corresponding pharmaceutical business functions and sub-functions for the world’s top pharmaceutical companies.
  • Generated more than 30% in operational savings for a global pharmaceutical company. While focusing on operational gains, we also focus on reducing process cycle times through a business-aligned target operating model supported by real-time dashboards.
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Case study

Transforming to Managed Services with ALT ASM
Transforming to managed services with ALT ASM
 ALT ASM helps in reduction
HCL’s ALT ASM helps in reduction of batch cycle time by 40 % through performance...
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.