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FACETS™ Center of Excellence @ HCL

The Situation Today

TriZetto FACETS™ is a core administration platform that several payer organizations have implemented to help them manage their businesses today, while adapting rapidly to meet tomorrow’s challenges. However FACETS™ customers are faced with several challenges during the course of its implementation and maintenance.

How HCL Can Help

HCL has established a FACETS™ Center of Excellence (CoE) that provides professional services to healthcare payers. The CoE has robust IT processes and is supported by healthcare experts. The objectives of HCL’s FACETS™ CoE are to:


  • Develop and deliver customized solutions
  • Track and adopt changes in technology
  • Train resources and build capabilities
  • Evolve standard methodologies
  • Develop and implement solutions for FACETS™ customers
  • Engage in the necessary R&D activities
  • Ensure confidentiality of information through a generalized masking solution

HCL’s FACETS™ CoE supports a wide spectrum of services and has built expertise on various versions of FACETS™



Impact Analyzer Performs version comparison and automates the process of identifying the impacts in the custom processes built around Facets during Version Upgrade.

Generalized masking solution helps in protecting the confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information residing within the Facets database

XC Accelerator

XC Accelerator helps payers in the test data identification and test data creation during upgrades, conversions and any major releases.

Data Loader

Data migration utility that supports migration of Membership, Provider and Agent data from external systems to Facets.

Reusable Test Assets

800+ Reusable business test scenarios across FACETS modules that can be reused for every customer across all service lines.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

What Customers Say

“In my career of 17 years working at this organisation I have worked with several different contractors and consulting agencies. The thing that I find really unique with HCL compared to any of the other relationships is their focus on partnerships.”

— Director, Global Security, a top-three global pharmaceutical company