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HCL’s HealthCare AnalyticsTM enables pharma companies to be more agile, efficient and customer-centric by providing them with holistic and data-driven stakeholder healthcare analytics and engagement design platforms. This helps them build targeted and better customer engagement services and design better patient experiences, leading to more successful launches, higher sales for in-market account teams, and improved patient engagement for better outcomes at reduced costs.

How HCL Can Help

  • Commercial Healthcare Analysis - Key Opinion Leaders for trial site identificationKey Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for trial site identification, advocacy, development
    Identifying and engaging the right KOLs, at the right time for the appropriate cause can have significant impact on the speed, outcome and evaluation of trials.

  • Launch Preparation and Management
    A Web portal and analytics-based solution for effective multi-country launches.

  • Social Listening and SRM
    Capitalizing on the shifting trends and technological innovation, big data and its analysis, and consumer involvement in social networks, this solution enables real-time listening for effective marketing.

  • Launch Preparation and ManagementStakeholder Insights and Engagement Design
    An analytics-led proposition for the highly complex pharma environment, which enables companies to collaborate with payers, providers and patients for access to their products and treatments

  • Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)  and KAM
    A collaboration and analytics-led proposition to ensure flexible and sustainable business models, operational excellence, sales generation and the management of costs; enables focus on both new and existing customers.

  • Patient Segmentation
    A solution to scale patient support programs and design the right kind of service experience for a specific patient cluster.

  • Care Network ManagementCare Network Management
    Care support, adherence to therapy and regulation enabled by innovative technology such as Remote Monitoring and networked devices.


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Commercial Transformation
Commercial Transformation
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

What Customers Say

“In my career of 17 years working at this organisation I have worked with several different contractors and consulting agencies. The thing that I find really unique with HCL compared to any of the other relationships is their focus on partnerships.”

— Director, Global Security, a top-three global pharmaceutical company