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ICD Testing


HCL ICD 10 Transition Services
HCL ICD 10 Transition Services

The direct impact of ICD code change on the application level may not be big but the ongoing implications of this change will be massive considering its indirect impact affecting complete Financials, Adjudication and Payments, Disease management, Benefit management and other applications & workflows. Therefore, ICD 10 related change should be considered more than just a tactical IT exercise.



The Situation Today

ICD 10 testing is not just about replacing codes but maintaining seamless operations while changing the basis on which the business is run. The output from testing should validate the neutrality output.

ICD Testing

How HCL Can Help

HCL's ICD 10 testing framework leverages the best practices of both traditional and advanced testing methodologies. The framework facilitates an end-to-end testing approach covering all phases of the software testing life cycle, such as planning, design, and execution and closure, with particular emphasis on neutrality and external testing. These activities enable a comprehensive, risk-based testing program that focuses on high-priority areas and includes tools, accelerators, and reusable assets.

HCL's ICD testing solution includes:

  • Test Strategy and Planning: Establishing the overall test strategy and plan, including schedules, metrics, environments, and stakeholder identification; providing a defined road map and robust governance framework.

  • Test Design: Identifying and creating business and test scenarios for affected business areas. HCL provides off-the-shelf test scenarios and test cases along with tools and accelerators for risk-based testing.

  • Test Data Generation: Performing bi-directional translation of the source ICD 9/10 code(s) of a given input transaction to the equivalent target ICD 10/9 code, using custom maps and crosswalks. HCL's custom build tool provides the capability to convert ICD 9 X12 (837) claim files to their equivalent ICD 10 X12 (837) files.

  • External Partner Testing: A comprehensive framework providing partner readiness assessment through outreach programs and dedicated testing processes and certification to ensure smooth transition and successful integration.

  • End-to-End Test Execution and Management: Executing prioritized test cases for affected areas by implementing various testing methodologies, and identifying defects and retesting them through HCL's proprietary TFIB (Test Factory in a Box) framework.

HCL's testing solution is well supported by: 

  • A suite of proven tools and frameworks that address the complex and critical business needs of the healthcare industry.

  • A testing process and Innovation CoE to help deliver services that are aligned with business objectives.

  • A pool of healthcare domain experts with ICD functional knowledge and hands-on testing experience on HIPAA 5010 and other regulatory compliances.

What You Can Expect

  • End-to-end testing services to validate ICD 10 compliance adoption covering pre-remediation, remediation and post-remediation phases

  • Internal and external testing

  • Testing services in multi-vendor deployment landscapes across multiple locations

  • Functional and Regression testing for impacts due to migration to ICD 10

  • Integration testing including automation testing of interfaces and workflows

  • Performance, data migration and security testing

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.