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Lab Informatics

The Situation Today

The life sciences industry today is facing increasing operational and regulatory challenges. While operational costs are escalating every day, mergers and acquisitions together with regulatory demands are causing continuous challenges to operative performance.

In such a scenario, enterprises are looking for smarter solutions and are taking advantage of the latest Laboratory Informatics Management Solution to operate with the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. The real challenge is to find the right solution that meets both your immediate requirements and your future needs, thereby managing your operational costs on a long-term basis.

As an enterprise grows, its operations must be continually supported and scaled. Laboratory businesses are seeking automated approaches to consolidate their IT portfolios, increase operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

How HCL Can Help

HCL's Lab Informatics solution provides improvements in analytical cycle times, resource allocation, workload monitoring, and data accuracy. It helps increase productivity and reduces duplicated efforts.

  • Laboratory Technology Infrastructure Setup – Our team of experts help you select the optimal combination of networks, servers and technology to support your current operations and scale to meet new requirements
  • Business Intelligence – We help to transform QA/QC and research data into laboratory intelligence
  • Laboratory Informatics Strategy – Our informatics experts investigate, assess, formulate, evaluate and finalize a laboratory informatics strategy for you.
  • Data Migration – Our team of DB experts analyze your database architecture and create a viable strategy for successful end-to-end data migration
  • Data Warehousing - Using cutting-edge technologies, we integrate your data across records, fields, tables, and data stores so that business users are always presented with a coherent view of data that is available.
  • Lab Informatics Implementation – Our team of experts help you globally deploy the Laboratory Informatics solution specific to your business needs, reducing your TCO and operating/ongoing validation costs, thereby enhancing ROI
  • Laboratory Process Improvement – Our experienced team of Lab Informatics experts help to streamline your laboratory processes with efficient workflows, establishing procedures to facilitate the achievement of laboratory accreditations, and thereby improving overall quality.

Specific solutions that HCL offers      

  • Data Migration Integrating and Reporting (DMIR) Framework-based Solution: This is designed to enable validated data migration, flexible data visualization and the transfer of complex large sized data across the network. As an additional feature, this framework is rules driven and can accommodate the transfer of large images from any structured or unstructured sources.
    DMIR Framework
  • Lab Information Management System (LabIMS): This is a one-stop solution designed to enable features like sample lifecycle management, master data management, dashboard and reporting, security and system administration, schedule management, stability study management, instrument management, plate management, inventory management, storage management and logistics, analytical workflow management, CAPA investigation management and external interface management.
    LabIMS Solution

What can you (the client) expect?

We help organizations model their business-specific workflows, seamlessly integrate with instruments and business applications and meet government as well as internal regulations resulting in the following benefits for your business:

  • reduced operational and ongoing costs for your business with better returns on Investment
  • increased productivity by streamlining processes
  • improved overall quality of products and services
  • Sustain business and consistent growth thorough competitive advantages

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HCL Lab Automation Practice
HCL Lab Automation Practice
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.