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Medical Device Services

HCL is one of the few service providers in the world that provides medical device solutions spanning across the entire value chain encompassing Research & Development, Clinical trials, Regulatory, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing and Enterprise IT.

  • Concept, Design, Prototype & Validation: Taking leverage of its proven Product Engineering strength, HCL offers solutions to medical device manufacturers at each and every stage of the product lifecycle. HCL partners with the Medical Device manufacturers right from the requirements definition to the end, or in any specific stage of the product lifecycle... Read More
  • Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trials: Health Industry Insights believes that an evolution in the use of technology for clinical trial management is underway. This change is building on the growing imperative to measure and communicate results electronically and in real time... Read More
  • Regulatory Compliance: The legal landscape for Medical Device industry is very dynamic in nature. To successfully traverse this landscape requires strong intellectual property and a pathway through the regulatory terrain... Read More
  • Manufacturing IT: Manufacturing across the world, in their quest to remain competitive, are outsourcing a bulk of work to low-cost production countries and are also building efficiencies in processes that are too critical to be let out to third parties... Read More
  • Sales & Marketing: Increasing market share and launching new products efficiently is a key activity for the Medical Device Manufacturers. From strategies for launching new products to increasing market share; from targeting the right professionals and to identifying and influencing decision makers, the sales and marketing activity list is long and demanding, as are its demands on the technology infrastructure... Read More
  • Enterprise IT: HCL, by virtue of its vast experience in successfully developing medical devices for global Medical Device manufacturers, has developed a good understanding of the trends in the enterprise IT space... Read More
  • Engineering Services: HCL provides a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and R&D services to medical device manufacturers — namely, new product introduction, value analysis and value engineering, and continuity and end-of-life engineering services... Read More

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M2M Communications in Medical Devices
M2M Communications in Medical Devices
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.