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The Situation Today

As growth in the sale of new products has stagnated, manufacturers are looking at alternative revenue streams to drive it and improve profit margins. Aftermarket product support — which includes service parts, repairs, and overhauls — is taking center stage as a massive revenue opportunity. In fact, it is estimated that customers spend five to 20 times the initial sales price on subsequent services and consumables.

How HCL Can Help

To deliver new services and create value across the ecosystem, manufacturers are coming out with smart products, and have at their disposal new technologies such as machine to machine (M2M), mobility, social media, and cloud computing. HCL’s ServSmart™ framework helps them make the most of these capabilities and more.

HCL’s ServSmart™ framework enables equipment manufacturers and their partners to provide proactive smart service and support, ensuring optimal running uptime of the devices at the lowest possible cost, throughout the device lifecycle. When implemented, the framework provides a holistic view of all asset-related information and helps ensure seamless operations throughout the product’s lifecycle. The Installed base management processes are integrated with the logistical processes to ensure that the OEM’s data maintenance effort is kept low while enabling precise tracking. Through our unique mobility based offerings and remote monitoring capability, field assets can be managed effectively and efficiently.

With HCL’s ServSmart™ OEMs and their eco-system partners can connect, manage, service, and track devices anywhere. This helps them reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and create new revenue opportunities for their service organization. It also enables OEMs to deliver high value-added smart services through a Service Delivery Platform that simplifies the administration and management of these services ensuring revenue growth and increased profitability.

ServSmart™ addresses the Services Lifecycle Value Chain end-to-end, and helps manufacturers derive the maximum value for each of the functions illustrated below.


Installed Base Mgmt

Asset Monitoring and Tracking
  • HCL IPs – iMRO, TrackAssset
  • COTS implementation and support services on leading Asset Mgmt. and Monitoring Platforms - SAP, Oracle, Maximo,, Remote Asset Mgmt.
  • Platforms like Axeda
  • Services - Preventative Maintenance, Asset Optimization, Remote monitoring, Failure forecasting, Proactive Maintenance
  • BPaaS - Service Operations Platform (Leveraging M2M technology stack) and Service Analytics Platform (Asset Visibility Services)


Predictive Maintenance through Service Chain Analytics

Predictive Maintenance through Service Chain Analytics

  • HCL iServHub - Analytics Platform for reporting on critical service metrics and getting insights on customer service needs, service channel performance, cross sell/up sell opportunities, etc.
  • Business Services – Service KPI measurement and dashboard, Analytics for Installed base, Warranty Analytics, etc.
  • BPaaS - Service Analytics Platform (Leveraging predictive analytics and traditional reporting factory services)

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Case Management Product Support/ Helpdesk Cross-sell, Upsell Dispute Resolution

  • COTS Implementation and Support Services - SAP, Oracle, ServiceMax,
  • Business Services – Contact Center Operations, Product Support Desk, Issue Mgmt., Service Request Mgmt.
  • BPaaS - Service Operations Platform (Leveraging CRM technology stack)

Service Fulfillment Management

Contract and Warranty Management

  • COTS Implementation and Support Services - SAP, Oracle, PTC,
  • Business Services – Entitlements Processing, Claims Processing, Supplier Recovery
  • BPaaS - Service Operations Platform (Leveraging Warranty Mgmt. technology stack)
Service Network Orchestration
  • COTS Implementation and Support Services for Service Network Orchestration - PTC- SNM
  • Business Services - Orchestrate orders across the customer’s and its partners depots, managing complex service orders (returns, repairs, advanced exchange, swaps etc.), end-to-end visibility (chain-of-custody at the Serial/Asset Number level), KPI Management Dashboards, Scorecards, Analytics, monitor and analyze service network for continual improvement.
  • BPaaS - Service Chain Visibility Platform
Service and Parts Management
  • COTS Implementation and Support Services - SAP, Oracle, PTC
  • Business Services – Parts Demand Mgmt., Fulfilment Operations, Parts Return.
  • BPaaS - Service Parts Platform (Leveraging SAP, Oracle, PTC SPP/SPM technology stack)
Service Ops. Management

Delivers an integrated platform to conduct service operations using Third Party / HCL WhiteLabelled Solutions managed by HCL.

  • HCL IPs – ServTech, mSAM
  • COTS Implementation and Support Services - SAP, Oracle, PTC (FS, SDM), Service Max
  • Business Services – Routing, Directions, Escalation Support, Skills, Territories, Scheduling , Capacity Planning, Ops Dashboard
  • BPaaS - Service Operations Platform (Leveraging FS and SDM/SNM technology stack)

Product, Parts, Service Info. Mgmt.

Product, Part, Service Info Mgmt.

  • COTS Implementation and Support Services - SAP-Right hemisphere, PTC-SIM, PTC CSKD
  • Business Services – Author, Manage and Deliver Service, Repair and Maintenance Info, Dynamic parts catalogue, 3D interactive parts lists.
  • BPaaS - Service Operations Platform (Leveraging service info technology stack)

Return/Refurb Mgmt

Returns/ Refurb Mgmt.

  • HCL IPs – REMAN Core Collection Solution
  • COTS Implementation and Support Services - SAP, PTC- SDM
  • Business Services – Reverse Logistics, Refurbish, Recall, Remanufacture, Inspect Returned Product for Damage in Transit
  • BPaaS - Service Operations Platform (Leveraging PTC SDM or other reverse logistics solution stacks)


What You Can Expect

Through the ServSmart™ framework, customers can expect the following benefits:

  • An integrated framework for managing the service chain
  • Up-to-date product-specific service and repair instruction and access to enterprise data for field technicians on the move
  • Improved productivity, planning visibility, and asset utilization
  • Reduced service parts inventory and increased fill rates across the service chain
  • Reporting on critical service metrics and insights on customer service needs, service channel performance, and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Remote device operations management through web and mobile devices with on-demand access to field devices for instant, remote remediation
  • Product performance feedback to the product development team for future enhancements

What We’ve Done for Others

Customers around the world have achieved dramatic results from their engagements with HCL’s ServSmart™. In particular, we have

  • enhanced customer service quality and real-time task and route execution for one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe
  • reduced the call-to-cash cycle and transit inventory by 40%; reduced field service parts inventory for a medical devices company
  • replaced several manual procedures with a central system leveraged by spare parts planners across the network of the world’s largest automobile manufacturer

Through ServSmart™, HCL has also helped many clients achieve the following performance improvements:

  • Reductions:
    • 30% in technician dispatches per year
    • 13% in MTTR
    • 11% in service response time
    • 10% to 40% in maintenance cost (leveraging field sensor data)
  • Increases:
    • 38% in customer retention
    • 27% in first call resolution
    • 23% in asset uptime
    • 20% in service revenue
    • 12% in service profitability
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.