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Advertising Services

In the last two decades, the advertising industry has experienced a transformational shift—from being regarded as a cost center because of the investments involved, to being actively considered as a revenue generator as it now aligned with ROI.

As a result, companies are focusing on generating clicks, traffic and revenue through advertisements and therefore its significance has moved from catching eyeballs to generating ROI. Today, M&E companies are focusing on creating, managing, scheduling and contextualizing to maximize the advertisement ROI. In addition, they are leveraging technologies such as social, big data, mobility and cloud to understand consumer behavior and channelizing contextualized advertisements on multi-platforms to increase its effectiveness.

HCL because of its association with leading M&E companies has a strong understanding of the advertisement life cycle. It has been involved in creating, managing, and production scheduling and delivering contextualized advertisements for multiple channels across the globe. HCL services-a snapshot:

  • Customer-centric solutions that deliver relevant content, advertisements and products to target customers along with customized advertising support that provides added advantage to our customers.
  • Unified Ad Platform, a self-service advertising management platform (preferably on Cloud), which allows advertisers to book orders, upload material, perform media planning, and view past performance.
  • Socialytics, a social sentiment analysis framework that uses semantic analysis of posts, likes on the social media, and websites and blogs, to perform sentiment analysis and personalization of advertisements and content.
  • Ad Fulfillment & Settlement Platform, a multi-channel (Print, Web, Mobile, Social, OOH) advertisement delivery platform.
  • Ad Production Service, a KPO service that develops print/digital advertisements for newspaper, magazine and online companies


HCL offers end-to-end mobility solutions for various devices and frameworks in various technologies/platforms including mobile content platforms, mobile marketing services, and contextual advertising.

Cloud Services 

As a Cloud computing services provider, HCL facilitates advertisement creation, management and distribution on multi-tenant environment using Cloud services. It can also offer services to measure the advertisement ROI across multiple channels.

Digital Marketing Platform

HCL has developed a digital marketing platform that receives feeds from social media platforms to personalize advertisements. It also has a platform to plan, schedule, and deliver contextualized advertisements across multiple devices–web, mobile, mail, text messages, multi-media messages etc. and measure the advertisement ROI.

Social Media

HCL Social Listening and Analytics identifies the voice of customer, delivers competitive intelligence and product research, and conducts customer profiling, segmentation and influencer identification.

Similarly, HCL’s customized advertising services provide for Social Campaign and Online Advertising tool, that  helps to deliver social events, social campaigns, content personalization and social advertising. With customized advertising solutions, it’s more than possible to achieve the intended customer demand.

POMS (Production Operations Management as a Service)

HCL POMS solution helps in advertisement creation, editing, pre-media services, production, post-production and scheduling, and delivery of advertisements on multiple platforms such as web, mobile and print devices. In addition, it can deliver this service on Cloud.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

HCL’s big data and Business Intelligence (BI) practice leverages its partnerships with leading big data companies to deliver consumer insights and intelligence, predictive and inductive analytics, and analytics on-demand. Additionally, HCL’s BI practice assists customers in planning and creating campaigns based on social insight.

Personalization Services

HCL offers collaborative, content, and knowledge-based filtering, and campaign design and delivery.

Representative Engagements

HCL’s customized advertising services demonstrable capabilities are listed below:

  • Delivered a Cloud-based platform for print and digital advertisements, provided a single comprehensive view of customers, and helped book and deliver effective campaigns 
  • Developed a media planning/buying platform with the ability to add new media channels and change existing process quickly at low cost. In addition, delivered significant cost savings by automating 90% of the process
  • Provided pre-press, production, pagination, web-editing, publishing operations management and integrated services for a large newspaper group in Ireland
  • Conceptualized, designed, and implemented an online digital platform (for web, smart phones and tablets) for a leading yellow pages directory provider
  • Created and delivered high-definition interactive eBooks on multiple channels (online and tablet) for a global leader in education publishing, thus providing a competitive edge by substantially reducing content conversion cost and decreasing the format conversion time by 50%
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.