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Media and publishing organizations depend on robust back office master data management for efficient administration of human resources, technology, and back office services. These crucial back office services help create relevant content for multichannel distribution. In recent times, as a result of alliances and acquisitions, there has been considerable inorganic growth and disparate systems have been introduced. This is a major challenge for back office master data management.

Our back end optimization services have enabled companies add value to their business. We have transformed back office management through integration with ERP, SAP, JD Edwards, and solutions. Our master data system has facilitated the creation and management of a digital products and rights compliance. We also provide end-to-end visibility into the applications spectrum while integrating gaming engines into back office services. This has reduced the time to market, resulting in higher satisfaction rates.



Search services


Integrated with digital supply chain, the services range from semantic platform to enterprise search framework.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

By implementing this management tool, companies can transform the entire content lifecycle.

SOA Consulting and Application

SOA Consulting and Application

This encompasses a wide variety of services from SOA to BPM.



Standardization and ERP Migration

We facilitates migrations like custom to ERP/cloud and ERP local to global templates.

Ecosystem of Partners

Our partnerships allow us to combine each other's strengths, and use this synergy to help our customers quickly implement and efficiently operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our large network of partners allows us to deliver solutions that are tailor made for each of our customers.