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Broadcasting & Cable

Case Studies

Verizon - One of the world’s leading BROADCASTING AND CABLE companies achieves operational excellence and innovative technological solutions through HCL’s Managed Services Delivery Model
Verizon - One of the world’s leading BROADCASTING AND CABLE companies achieves operational excellence and innovative technological solutions through HCL’s Managed Services Delivery Model

Verizon - One of the world’s leading BROADCASTING AND CABLE companies achieves operational excellence and innovative technological solutions through HCL’s Managed Services Delivery Model


The Situation Today

The Cable & Broadcasting and Network industry is facing extensive challenges. Platforms, channels and experiences for content absorption are expanding by the day, resulting in widespread fragmentation of audiences across different modes of consumption in the broadcasting space. Television has moved beyond the walls of the living room and has quickly spread to the entire living space. The distinction between television sets, computers and mobile phones is fast disappearing. Channel content and video games are now turning into gateways for the internet. Video streaming websites are overhauling, becoming more consumer oriented, better designed and better streamlined. Also, the number of subscribers consuming content on smartphones is rising day by day.

These companies must be proactive in anticipating and reacting to changing consumer behavior, the manner in which they are embracing new devices and the new ways of content consumption. Today’s broadcaster must change his approach by diversifying revenue streams -  to be funded mostly by consumers, rather than advertisers - have a superior knowledge of end consumers, offer new consumer experience across multiple channels and devices and build strong customer relationship management capabilities.

HCL’s point of view for the cable & broadcasting and network industry is based on the paradigm shift both on the consumer and back-office applications domain:

  • Implement big data storage solutions to manage unstructured media, primarily videos (handling the ever growing petabytes of data), arising from the introduction to HD, 3D and VoD preferences of the end consumer
  • Video management/ video compression solutions implementation for low latency and very high visual quality for next-generation multimedia applications
  • New solutions/ best practices adoption for content aggregation, transformation, advance media workflow systems, long tail monetization and content distribution
  • Developing the most innovative applications to change the way consumers experience their content/ transact through interactive applications/ widgets for TV and mobile and second screen experience for better TV communication
  • Customer churn management/ quality of experience through deep consumer insights/ superior analytics, personalization, targeting and after sales support
  • Managing convergence in the digital home arising due to the introduction of home gateways, STB, gaming consoles, home servers and routers which are all present in the digital home
  • User authentication, anti-piracy and ecosystem cost model for TV. Everywhere services through premium video authentication solution/ platforms (Akamai/Adobe Pass) and enhanced DRM solutions for anti-piracy
  • Move closer to the consumer and move up the digital value chain by introducing Over-The-Top (OTT) capabilities as the content producers/ studios are facing stiff competition from the OTT players
  • Marketing supply chain optimization through centralized intelligence and channel optimization marketing mix

HCL is a value partner for broadcasting and cable conglomerates across the globe, with over 10+ years of experience in end-to-end business processes, and deep domain competencies. This coupled with the necessary investment in labs, solutions/ frameworks, partnerships and industry experts, places HCL in the leadership quadrant.

Broadcasting & Cable

HCL’s services for broadcasting and cable companies spread across core IT and ITes with a strong focus on domain-led services strengthened through industry-relevant Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

Core IT Service

  • Application & Enterprise Application Services – A unique process-led approach to services covering application support, maintenance and development with bespoke and enterprise technologies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and besides niche industry products like HARRIS, Apple, DALET, SONY, Front Porch Digital, Artesia and Adobe  Read more
  • Enterprise Transformation Services – Portfolio includes business consulting, IT consulting, application portfolio optimization, content management services, mainframe/ mid-range sustenance & migration, data warehouse, business intelligence and independent verification & validation services Read more
  • Engineering & Platform Services – Product & Platform Engineering Services for digital supply chain optimization, content distribution platforms, eCommerce, mobility, consumer electronics, TV/ mobile applications and device design & production Read more
  • Infrastructure Services – Industry leading services in remote infrastructure management, end user computing, data center management & consolidation, helpdesk/ service desk, application-operations and cloud computing Read more
  • Business Services – Services spanning media process optimization services, video advertising quality assurance, customer care, subscription and billing management, service provisioning, direct marketing, social media analysis, external helpdesk, video services (besides F&A), procurement and HR services Read more

Industry-specific Services

  • Next Generation User Experience – Next-gen experiences like TV Everywhere/ IPTV/ VoD, two-screen experience, Immersive broadcasting, TV widgets, social media marketing and social referral applications Read more
  • Mobility services – Mobile applications, mobile TV/ video platform, mobile contextual advertising and enterprise applications Read more
  • Digital Supply Chain Services – Digital Supply Chain Optimization – Digital platform unification, video management, anti-piracy, widgets, multi-channel/ TV commerce Read more
  • Unified Advertising Services – Cross-platform advertising, advertiser self service, ad portal and ad analytics Read more
  • Predictive Analytics – TV, web, mobile & social analytics, personalization, big data management and predictive analytics Read more
  • CRM and personalization services - 360-degree customer view, campaign & personalization, multi-channel support, social CRM/ social media marketing, consumer analytics - Web, churn, social and campaign effectiveness Read more

Centers of Excellence

  • SOA/Middleware – (SOA/ BPM architects, Process/ Design engineers and solution specialist) focusing on integration framework, SOA reference architecture, complex event processing, IDM and EDI services
  • Digital Technologies – focusing on multi-channel enablement for web, mobile, social media focusing on CMS, search, video, social media and analytics technologies in open source/ commercial product space. Some of the key focus technologies include Microsoft, Sun, EMC, Alfersco, Drupal, Interwoven, Artesia, Adobe and Fast
  • CRM/ Advertising Technologies – focusing on multi-channel support, personalization, targeting, advertising platform leveraging, operative, Big machine, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Unica and Omniture
  • Performance Engineering CoE - focusing on R&D, innovation, next-gen capability development & high end engineering consultancy, consulting for Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) on Cloud. There is also a dedicated Performance Innovation Lab (Lab On Hire Services) in place.
  • iPad/ iPhone and Android CoEs in mobility (all technologies) – focusing on mobility-specific transformations for iPad and Android, developing mobile solution frameworks in various technologies/ platforms and building simulated environment testing
  • Web 2.0 CoE – SMEs focusing on creating end-to-end engineering services/ platform development on web 2.0 technology for any software product/ service company that wants to harness the true power of the web

HCL Solutions

Some of our representative investments for broadcast and cable industry include:

  • Media Operations-as-a-Service store for achieving transcoding scalability through cloud, creating and modifying profiles in the cloud Read more
  • Cyberscan, a SaaS-based and anti-piracy-based service to detect IP infringement, monitoring & enforcement and distributed proxy network. The solution is relevant for industries such as studios, broadcasting, music, publishing, government, software companies, gaming and advertising
  • AEGIS, a Cloud-based, connected home platform for communication and cable service providers for remote access and monitoring, video monitoring, intrusion detection and alarms Read more

Representative Engagements

HCL has been servicing large broadcasting and cable customers across the globe, helping them to transform their business while optimizing IT intensity. HCL,

  • Accelerated Digital Lifecycle Management transformation of processes and technology, created a new technology platform consolidating 300+ multi-channel properties: CMS, Search, Video player, Ad Engine, etc, for a $14 bn US entertainment content conglomerate
  • Developed first true 24/7 HD broadband live stream in the US and Shop by Remote® to over 33 million US subscribers for a leading US broadcaster/ home shopping network conglomerate
  • Led TIBCO business events-based Provisioning Process Monitoring for a $5 bn US mobile communication leader


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Case Studies

Business focused innovation for the world’s leading Music company
Business focused innovation for the world’s leading Music company
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.