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CMS solution
HCL’s CMS solution enabled a global player in the entertainment industry to lower operational costs and increase ROI

HCL’s CMS solution enabled a global player in the entertainment industry to lower operational costs and increase ROI


The Situation Today

Today, consumers and professionals from enterprises instead of browsing for content on multiple channels use the search operators on the content management systems to get relevant content. Accordingly, companies are moving from being content creators to content service providers. This changing behavior, has led to the emergence of a plethora of Infomediaries–information aggregators, mobile platforms, application, social-media and multi-brand stores, focusing on delivering relevant content on a single click. The emergence of information aggregators has led to the evolution of enterprise content management companies.


Furthermore, these Infomediaries leverage best-of-breed search engines and use tags, metadata, keywords, titles, sub-titles, content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, to differentiate and rank their content. Their search engines use semantic tools for content management to search for relevant content from databases across multiple platforms. In fact, there is a clear shift from HTML to ‘content differentiation and distribution’. Consequently, M&E companies are leveraging disruptive technologies such as social, media, Cloud and big data to understand search behavior, search operators and to differentiate and contextualize content.


HCL is working with leading M&E companies and Infomediaries to create, tag, manage and differentiate content in their content management systems. It has also forged partnerships with leading semantic tools enterprises and built solutions and accelerators to address this market. A snapshot of HCL’s content management services:

  • Content management and distribution services to streamline the process of producing, managing, and distributing content
  • Solutions to create efficient workflows, integrated asset and rights management, and efficient storage and retrieval of data
  • Document management services (abstraction indexing/summarization) for publishing and business information services
  • Translation services-SD to HD, SD/HD to 3D, graphics and 3D/2D animation services
  • HTML and XML conversion services as a part of content management for publishing and business information services
  • Voice/ data/ video and device testing services–Data: Content quality assurance, format and packaging standard testing, metadata/ markup standard testing, conversion testing
  • HCL SEO CoE to create and manage SEO optimized content for various platforms and devices
  • HCL customer centricity solution, an artificial intelligence based N=1 recommendation engine helps to personalize content, promotions, book sales and advertisements
  • Cyberscan tool leveraging big data (Hadoop) tool and semantic search techniques for crawling, tracking, indexing and searching content across multiple platforms
  • Content 2.0, a network publishing platform for new age publishers streamlines multi-channel content delivery process and integrates disparate systems

Content Management
HCL’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions focus on mapping the business objectives of the customer with their content management strategy. We believe in having a complete enterprise vision and strategy for ECM technologies across the information life cycle. Our Strategy is driven by a utility computing approach and is focused on creating a unified access layer for data.

Big Data
HCL’s big data and Business Intelligence (BI) practice leverages its partnerships with leading big data companies to deliver consumer insights and intelligence, predictive and inductive analytics, and analytics on-demand. Additionally, HCL’s BI practice assists customers in planning and creating campaigns based on social insight.

Predictive Analytics
HCL’s predictive analytics help forecast future events, trends, and behavior.It provides companies with just the right tool to increase their success rate by delivering critical insights at every point of the value chain—right from finding new artists/authors and market research, to customer insight and marketing effectiveness.

HCL offers end-to-end mobility solutions for various devices and frameworks in various technologies/platforms including mobile content management platforms, mobile marketing services, and contextual advertising. The solution helps you access content from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Content Services
HCL’s content management and distribution services aim to streamline the process for producing, managing, and distributing content, leading to workflows that are more efficient, integrated asset and rights management, and efficient storage and retrieval of data. This ultimately helps in increasing efficiency, improving control over information and in reducing the overall cost of information management for the enterprise.

Digital Media Services 
HCL has the ability to define configurable business processes, real-time analytics, and business rules for automated decisions and collaborations. Its storage and data management capability helps customer’s markup, classify, categorize and store content as per specifications. HCL’s digital assets distribution platform enables publishers to rapidly pack and distribute content to eTailers (Amazon, Apple etc.)

Representative Engagements

  • Integrated multiple research databases and developed an interface layer for efficient searches across multiple platforms for a leading research firm.
  • Accelerated the digital life cycle management transformation of process and technology, created a new technology platform consolidating 300+ multi-channel properties such as CMS, search, video player, and advertising engine etc. for a $14bn US entertainment content conglomerate.
  • Developed a highly automated product master data system that enabled the creation and management of thousands of digital products and rights compliance for a $3 billion multi-national music company.
  • Designed a new industry leading user experience, for a leading US based electronic and microfilm publisher, which provided a consistent interface for all its branded products by consolidating services across multiple platforms.
  • Provided end-to-end visibility into the application spectrum, including recommendations for a global rights management platform to integrate with various financial and artist contract systems, and eliminated the need for expensive solutions for a $1.65 billion multi-national music company.
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Case study

G1000 publishing conglomerate
HCL helps a G1000 publishing conglomerate achieve its content transformation and consumer...
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.