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Digitization Services

The Situation Today

Analysts and industry pundits have been predicting the demise of the information professional for a long time because more and more information is freely available to anyone at any time. This raises a very important question—with so much free information, why will anyone pay for it. More importantly, what value can a content aggregator add to a regular subscription of consolidated information? The answer is simple–provide personalized and contextualized information.

Today’s mobile, social and web-savvy buyers favor a personalized experience. However, if the data marketers have on a contact is minimal, they will be limited in the tools they can use to connect at an individual level. In short, a brand’s marketing is only as powerful as the data it has at its fingertips. In fact, it is all about the ability to listen to the customer, respond at the right time, and place with the right message. Hence, marrying a content management system with a powerful marketing platform to make the management and presentation of content easier and seamless is the key to achieving it. When tied with deep data analytics, it empowers marketers to target audience with more relevant and contextual content—a package that users will be willing to pay and continue to engage with to keep the personalized privileges. The emergence of our media and entertainment mobility services has given significant leverage for the benefit of several clients who needed to enhance existing systems to meet business targets.


With the know-how on mobile content rendition, we are strongly aware of the modalities involved in delivering the ideal solutions to the client. We have built an expertise in understanding the finer aspects of each client’s requirements while ensuring that they achieve their business goals. Our loyalty program software has delivered significant results for the benefit of our clients. HCL has a strong background in working with varied customers to create and sustain exclusive differentiated content delivery. Highlights of our digitization services are given below:

  • Extensive implementation experience in various WCM areas such as portals, web publishing, collaboration and workflow management etc. for large clients across domains. There are 500+ WCM consultants with focus on USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and ANZ

  • HCL’s Enterprise Content Management & Portal (ECMP) practice consists of 2000+ members having over 20 years of experience across 150+ ongoing engagements

  • Solution in deep consumer insight across multiple channels (Consumer Analytics): Hadoop based big data syndication, Platform-as-a-Service to analyze and monetize data from multiple channels and social networks

  • zCMO: A proprietary integrated digital marketing platform for measuring ROI, enabling multi-channel distribution and for personalizing campaigns

HCL’s engagements overview

Through our publishing digitization services, our clients have been elated with the convenience offered through our services. We have ensured that the mobility for publishing companies gives them enough leverage to achieve a competitive advantage within their business. Below are certain engagement highlights:

  • Created and maintained an online portal, thereby enabling an alternative delivery model for selling e-books and audio textbooks, and facilitating publishing of content in various formats for a large publishing house

  • Developed a common integrated platform to save time and effort in maintenance and enhancement; resulting in increasing the site traffic average to 5,000-7,000 visits for a leading hi-tech giant

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.