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360° Student Relationship
360° Student Relationship Management for Higher Education

Educational institutes have traditionally used CRM systems for acquisition and enrollment of students. However, when it comes to preventing student churn, these systems are ineffective. Moreover, CRM systems are largely tools for the sales team and they ignore the role that the faculty or alumni can play to close the leads.


The Situation Today

At HCL, we understand the disruptive technologies transforming the industry. From textbooks to classrooms and to learning groups, education is going digital. In this new world, it is no longer necessary for students to be physically present—they can participate actively in a class from anywhere in the world. Similarly, courses and pedagogy are adjusted according to individual learning styles, virtual teams discuss and solve problems, and social media is used to curate and build the next course.

HCL has been providing IT education services to leading education providers, colleges, universities, professional institutes and education ISVs for over 12 years. Our engineers have worked on numerous products—learning tools, campus administration software, web platforms, mobile applications, and game based learning to deliver cutting edge solutions to customers. HCL’s service repertoire includes adaptive learning management systems and platforms with assessment and remediation, unified authoring solutions, collaboration platforms, media solutions, big data and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, student retention systems and social sentiment analysis frameworks along with traditional and modern campus management solutions and student information systems.

A snapshot of our engagements in this industry

  • 12-year footprint, 600+ professionals, 500+ applications for K-12, higher education, corporate learning, assessment boards and education publishers
  • Adaptive learning, mobile applications, campus app store, Cloud solutions, collaborative and social learning
  • Learning management systems, student life cycle management systems, campus management solutions, e-portals, lecture capture and retrieval
  • Digital content management, dynamic content creation, eBooks/ eText, multi-platform access, gaming based learning and digital publishing
  • Global assessment system, identity and access management, performance management system, enrollment management, library management, transcript and alumni management systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), student enrollment and retention Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), infrastructure management and pre-media services
  • Big data solutions with real-time analytics, learning need assessment, course,grant and budget management

HCL Services

To enable you take your relationship with your consumer beyond the classroom, read about some of our solutions that that help you stay ahead of the curve:

Learn more.

The Education industry today is experiencing radical shifts in the methodology of teaching, learning and assessment. This is fueled by the recent multiple innovations in content delivery, devices and distribution. E-learning via eBooks and eCourses, innovation in handheld technologies, e-learning platforms, new ways of content transformation, visualization, effective content discovery and emerging models of self & custom publishing are leading to “disruptive transformation” of the education industry.

Education providers are re-evaluating their relationships with consumers and are distributing personalized content on multiple channels and platforms to engage and converse with the consumers. HCL believes that there is a large opportunity that education publishers and providers can leverage by engaging audiences and forecasts strong fundamentals for e-learning. HCL’s point of view for the education industry is based on these radical shifts in pedagogy and new ways of learning and assessment, enabled through content delivery on multiple platforms, social collaborations and a strong personalization focus.

  • Multi-platform and multi-device delivery -- Digital revenues for education publishers could account for over 50% of total revenues over the next five years with growth in multiple delivery platforms and devices
  • Innovation in eReaders/ eBooks technology will take content delivery to a new dimension with digital textbooks becoming more interactive with audio, video, collaboration tools and social media integration
  • Innovative pedagogy via Personalized adaptive learning, flipped classroom  will redine ways of teaching across nations and schools
  • Mobile, social and cloud services will accelerate new revenue expansion and facilitate e-learning and help education providers stay ahead of curve by implementing the same
  • Testing and assessment to move to digital platforms with complete feedback loops between students, teachers and parents with real-time student progress monitoring

All these disruptions are bringing lot of changes in education industry, At HCL we are influencing these changes by combining our 12+ year experience, domain knowledge and leading technologies to help education community employ innovative education solutions to accelerate this change HCL’s services for the education industry span across consulting, application design, system integration and operation of IT solutions and business process services.

Education Heatmap

Core IT Service

  • Application & Enterprise Application Services – A unique process-led approach to services covering application support, maintenance and development with bespoke and enterprise technologies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and besides niche industry products like HARRIS, Apple, DALET, SONY, Front Porch Digital, Artesia and Adobe  Read more
  • Enterprise Transformation Services – Portfolio includes business consulting, IT consulting, application portfolio optimization, content management services, mainframe/ mid-range sustenance & migration, data warehouse, business intelligence and independent verification & validation servicesRead more
  • Engineering & Platform Services – Product & Platform Engineering Services for digital supply chain optimization, content distribution platforms, eCommerce, mobility, consumer electronics, TV/ mobile applications and device design & production Read more
  • Infrastructure Services – Industry leading services in remote infrastructure management, end user computing, data center management & consolidation, helpdesk/ service desk, application-operations and cloud computing Read more
  • Business Services – Services spanning media process optimization services, video advertising quality assurance, customer care, subscription and billing management, service provisioning, direct marketing, social media analysis, external helpdesk, video services (besides F&A), procurement and HR servicesRead more

Industry-specific Services

  • Next Generation User Experience – Next-gen experience, augmented reality, mash up, widgets, social media marketing, social referral applications Read More
  • Mobility services – Mobile journalism, news readers, video platform, contextual advertising, vertical content applications (lifestyle, health, travel, etc.) and enterprise applications Read More
  • Digital Supply Chain Services – Digital platform unification, web content management, search, video player, widgets, marketplaces and multi-channel commerce Read More
  • Unified Advertising Services - Unified advertising, advertiser self service, real-time bidding, ad portal and multi-channel ad fulfillment Read More
  • Predictive Analytics –Web & social analytics, personalization, big data management and predictive analytics Read More
  • Digital Marketing – Online matching, triggered offers, multi-variate testing, multi-channel marketing and campaign and promotion management
  • Back-office system – Industry-specific tool-sets for editorial, advertising, circulation like Atex, CCI, PPI, Nstein, Navision and Coda Read More

Center of Excellence

  • Publishing Technologies – focusing on dynamic publishing technologies with K4, Adobe Suite, Quark, Typefi, Marklogic, Censhare, Woodwing, OpenText and EMC
  • Digital Technologies – focusing on multi-channel enablement for web, mobile and social media focusing on CMS, search, video, social media and analytics technologies in open source/ commercial product space. The key focus is on Microsoft, Sun, EMC, Alfersco, Drupal, Interwoven, Adobe CQ and Fast.
  • CRM/ Advertising Technologies –  focusing on multi-channel support, personalization, targeting, advertising platform leveraging, operative, Big machine, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Unica and Omniture

The digital era while challenging, also opens up new opportunities for organizations who dare to think beyond traditional business models and product portfolios. HCL partners with education providers across the globe to create ground breaking strategies across the digital value chain. This innovation led transformation is delivered through a combination of domain experience, solution accelerators and key industry partnerships


Some representative examples of the work we have done in this area are:

  • Industry leading low cost e-book platform that included end-to-end streamlining of content creation workflows to help seamlessly deliver content in a multi-platform environment for a global leader in education publishing
  • Designed and implemented 20+ workflows and lifecycles for Content Planning, Development, Assembly and Publishing achieving significant savings through integration and optimization of the content life cycle for a global education solutions provider.
  • End to end solutions for development of CourseWare authoring and delivery system for providing language based e-learning courses consisting of planning, content creation, assessment authoring and delivery, enrollment and subscription modules for a leading private education company specializing in language training
  • Manage IT service desk and helpdesk providing first level IT support for faculty and student facing applications for a group owning several for-profit educational institutions
  • Dedicated PeopleSoft campus solution team for implementing the same for leading universities across globe
  • Global rollout and implementation of industry leading Learning Management platform like Saba, SumTotal, Blackboard, Moodle for Professional and Academic space

HCL believes that strong domain knowledge should be actively backed by solutions and lab investments for providing acceleration to business/ IT initiatives. Some of our representative education management solutions include multi-channel, authoring & assessment platforms and personalization & eCommerce solutions.

  • Content 2.0, a Network Publishing Platform for “New Age Publishers”, enables multi-channel delivery of content in a streamlined process and integrates disparate systems Read more
  • Immersive book,an animated textbook with 3D animations which can be either read on web or mobile. Some of the features include student performance monitoring and reporting Read more
  • Adaptive Learning Platform to impart personalized learning that connects teachers, students and parents with publishers and can be accessed on the move Read more
  • Unified Authoring Platform, a WYSIWYG platform for content and assessment authoring, reviewing, editing and publishing to multiple channels
  • iTransform,a multi-platform content transformation engine which integrates with legacy applications and handles conversion of complex and large size data to epub format with an efficient conversion ratioCustomer Centricity, an Artificial intelligence-based N=1 recommendation engine, case-based reasoning on anonymous/ logged-in user actions to personalize promotions, book sales, advertisement, product and content leading to a 20-30% increase in sales
  • MOaaSS, a fully-evolved video service on cloud, provides capabilities to set up WebTV or short form video channel, provides ingestion, trans-wrapping, transcoding, tagging, storage, search and delivery of video content. Also, includes watermarking for anti-piracy and fully hosted on public cloud Read more
  • Socialytics, a social sentiment analysis framework, uses semantic analysis of posts, ‘likes’ on social media, websites and blogs to perform sentimental analysis and personalization of products, advertisement, content and promotions Read more

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Management of Assessment and Information Platform, for a Leading Educational Assessment...
Digitization solutions for a leading Educational Assessment company
Digitization solutions for a leading Educational Assessment company
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.