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Mobility services

The Situation Today

With the proliferation of multiple mobile-devices and operating-systems, and mobility being leveraged by everyone, anytime across private and business use, enabling enterprise and consumer mobility (backed by IT optimization) is vital today. HCL can help develop solutions for a range of mobility needs (across Enterprise Mobile Enablement and Lifestyle Applications for end-consumers) to help reach the “connected consumer” with a unique proposition, and improve enterprise productivity. 

HCL has a range of service offerings

  • Mobile App. Factory - A service delivery model with Mobile UI, iOS/Android/RIM development, Functional & Performance test for ongoing Mobile App. Development.
  • Enterprise Application - Enterprise Mobile Application (with extensive integration), some examples include Sales force management, Enterprise performance management, and Virtual sampling.
  • Marketing & Advertising Solution - A set of applications to enhance Marketing effectiveness via Direct Marketing, Discount/ Promotion, Contextual Advertising, and AR/ Location-based services.
  • Mobile TV/ Video Platform - Live Streaming/Playback of video on demand with TV Everywhere for Mobile Device and other mobile data terminals.
  • Mobile Testing Lab - On Cloud environment, for multiple device, multiple OS compatibility testing.

These services would help companies:

  • Reduce Content Production cost via automation, collaboration, integration of tools & workflow process
  • Improve Digital Revenues
  • Over 3-4 weeks reduction of time via Multi-channel readiness and automated distribution to retailers
  • Improve reuse (of content/ rights) due to standardization of systems, storage, discovery and transformation process

HCL Competency

  • Mobility Services - E2E mobility solutions for various devices & developing frameworks in various technologies/platforms including mobile content platforms, mobile marketing services, and contextual advertising.
  • Digital Technologies – Multi-channel enablement for web, mobile, social media focusing on CMS, Search, Video, Social Media, and Analytics technologies in Open source/ commercial product space. Some of the key focus include Microsoft, Sun, EMC, Alfersco, Drupal, Interwoven, Adobe CQ and Fast.
  • UI/ Web 2.0 CoE – Information Architecture/design consulting; Web, Apps. Mobile UI Architecture; Work on the Usability evaluation models & contextual innovation; creating end-to-end engineering services/platform development on web 2.0 technology.
  • E-Commerce CoE – E-commerce platform- product evaluation and technology consulting; Information architecture consulting; Solution frameworks ideating.

HCL Solutions

A few of the existing solutions that illustrate HCL’s expertise and investment focus in mobility applications.

  • Mobile Coupon application framework, provides multi-platform coupon sourcing (NFC, QR Codes, Feeds) and redemption capabilities... Read more
  • Immersive book, an animated textbook with 3 D animations which can be read either on the web or mobile. Some of the features include student performance monitoring and reporting... Read more
  • Adaptive Learning Platform to impart personalized learning that connects teachers, students & parents with publishers and can be accessed on the move... Read more
  • Mobile AR application framework for Home & DIY via mobile camera and pre-loaded catalog, simulate virtual furnishing objects on a real time image of a room or a real object on a static image of a room, including a 2-way collaboration between consumers & vendors... Read more

Representative Engagements

HCL has demonstrated capability of providing business value to our esteemed customers. Below are a few examples

  • Concept, design, and execution of an online digital platform (for web and various mobile data terminals) for a leading yellow pages directory provider.
  • Conceptualization and delivery of high definition interactive eBooks on multiple channels (online and tablet) for a global leader in education publishing. Thus providing a competitive edge to the client with a substantially reduced content conversion cost and also almost halving the format conversion time.
  • Responsible for the complete development of an eLearning platform including an authoring and delivery system for a leading private education company specializing in language training.
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Case Studies

HCL helps a leading publisher transform and build their test engine platform
HCL helps a leading publisher transform and build their test engine platform
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.