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Multi-device Content Rendition and Management

The screens through which consumers experience entertainment are evolving fast—content, communication, interaction and gaming are converging on multiple screens. This has increased the trend of multi-tasking while watching content on TV. Consumers fiddle with their tablets and mobiles, look for additional information related to the content, and consequently expect a seamless experience across the screens. In addition, consumers anticipate ubiquitous access to content in real-time.

For M&E organizations, these second screen experiences provide many opportunities to engage their fans and application users further. However, to leverage it, they have to create a compelling presence across all the screens, from TV to tablet and beyond, and orchestrate content and services to deliver multi-screen digital experiences.

HCL has been instrumental in streamlining the process of producing, managing, and distributing content, creating efficient workflows, integrating asset and rights management, and in enabling efficient storage and retrieval of data. In addition, it has provided M&E companies with the following functionalities:

  • Multi-channel (web, mobile, social media) content rendition enablement, focusing on search, video and social media
  • Video services platform with the ability to ingest, edit and transform video/audio content
  • Translation services—from SD to HD, SD/HD to 3D, graphics and 3D/2D animation services
  • Integrated authoring environment for text, images, video, audio, assessments, and animation, with enterprise assets and systems
  • Creation of marketing material for promoting books/magazines/newspapers, short and long form videos, and research/journals


HCL helps you create, manage and deliver content either for reusing/repurposing or for delivering to multiple platforms. Our customized workflows, seamless production, and total project management ensures that you reach your market on time and on budget. In addition, we pioneered the technology that allows us to digitize and repurpose even the most complex set of content.

A snapshot of our engagements:

  • End-to-end development of an eLearning platform including an authoring and delivery system for a leading private education company specializing in language training
  • Designed a new industry leading user experience, for a leading US based electronic and microfilm publisher, which will provide a consistent interface for its branded products by consolidating services across multiple platforms


HCL offers E2E mobility solutions for various devices and develops frameworks in various technologies/platforms including mobile content platforms, mobile marketing services, and contextual advertising.

An overview of our engagements:

  • Conceptualized, designed, and executed an online digital platform (for web, smart phones, and tablets) for a leading yellow pages directory provider
  • Created and delivered high definition interactive eBooks on multiple channels (online and tablet) for a global leader in education publishing, thereby providing a competitive edge by substantially reducing content conversion cost and decreasing the format conversion time by nearly 50%

Content Management

HCL’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions focus on mapping the business objectives of the customer with their content management strategy. We believe in having a complete enterprise vision and strategy for ECM technologies across the information life cycle. Our Strategy is driven by a utility computing approach and is focused on creating a unified access layer for data.

Content Management Engagements-Highlights

  •  Accelerated the digital life cycle management transformation of process and technology, created a new technology platform consolidating 300+ multi-channel properties such as CMS, search, video player, and advertising engine etc. for a $14bn US entertainment content conglomerate.
  • Developed a highly automated product master data system that enabled the creation and management of thousands of digital products and rights compliance for a $3 billion multi-national music company.

User Experience

HCL offers a new age experience that includes interactive books, mashups, social apps, TV widgets, games, social media integration, augmented reality, app store/ app exchange and api management.

  • HCL has created an immersive book for a leading publishing house, which helps them to deliver a unique and an engaging viewing experience across multiple screens.
  • HCL has delivered responsive design and device-agnostic solutions for multiple M&E customers.
  • HCL has completed multi-channel campaigns for a leading publisher including attribution analysis to identify channel effectiveness.

Media Lab

HCL has invested in a digital media lab with a strong team of industry practitioners and business analysts, to foster new generation solutions, build domain competencies, incubate technology, lead innovative products and establish thought leadership.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.