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HCL Solutions for Sports

HCL Solutions for Sports

Ever since the first two humans stood up and perhaps skipped the first stones across a river or a pond; just to see who could send it further; competitive sport was born. One of the most progressive disciplines invented by humans; today sports is among the first to set technological benchmarks. Where the difference between a gold and a silver medal can be a matter of one-hundredths of a second.

Sports competitiveness has in fact demanded that technology catch up to its needs. Whether it be two nations debating a 3 second clock reset, the beauty of a perfect score in gymnastics, or the crack of the leather on a willow; technology has always been trying to catch up and meet the indomitable spirit of sportspersons.

Today we stand at a defining turning point between these two. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in our interaction with technology. Digitalization has become the engine that is driving sports and sports management. It is redefining how we have played, viewed, engaged and conceptualized sports. It has become as standard as equipment issued to play and perform with. Sports management administrators need to maximize the return on the limited resources of players, facilities, finances, etc. And digitalization is the most important tool, sports management administrators have in their kit, to extend the reach of sports and its media management and programming to as many possible participants as possible.

With HCL, sports and entertainment organizations are driving world-class innovation to:

  • Engage fans like never before
  • Maximize revenue streams – grow existing and create new ones
  • Help teams, leagues, and venues run simply
  • Helping cities in long term sporting event management

Fan engagement

Engage fans like never before

HCL can help you learn and understand more about your global fan base – not just those purchasing tickets. Helping you engage them, identify them, and motivate them to spend more. Reward their loyalty to drive repeat purchases, even in dormant phases.

Get a 360-degree view of each fan, and let them get a 360-degree view of you

We can help you gain more intelligence about your fans, their social sentiment toward your brand, team, and players. Help you understand their interactions and purchase history. Enable you to better engage and inform fans for any way they want to interact with you (mobile, online, or in person); before, during, and after events; in and out of venues. HCL can leverage and consolidate all data sources at your disposal to identify more fans and build a deeper and broader understanding of each fan; better segment the fan base. Personalized advertisements and marketing campaigns can be then driven across all channels. Recognize and reward fans for their loyalty and activity with the team, league, or venue.

While all fans cannot fit into a stadium for all the matches, we can help you enable content to reach them across various channels and platforms, keeping them engaged and close to the latest news, players, and all activities, beyond just stadium management. With our web centric innovations and digital content management, every fan has the best seat in the arena.

Sell and monetize

Maximize revenue streams – HCL can help you grow existing streams and create new ones.

Player costs grow annually. We can help you maximize all revenue streams (and create new ones) to afford the best players. CRM can improve the productivity of sales and customer service by enabling immediate access to and analysis of relevant customer information. Streamlining your order processes across all channels, along with providing a great mobile shopping experience, helps increase brand control across all channels. We also enable Sports Production & Distribution Houses own and operate Live Sports production, Non Live Sports Production, Sports News Content Management, syndicating programs and Rights management for the Sporting Events.

Help teams, leagues, events and venues run simply

Helping you achieve top performance and excellence in business by optimizing processes. Helping drive real change for teams, leagues, and venues by enabling a real-time organization, providing flexible cloud solutions, and unwiring your business.

Helping cities in long term sporting events

Technology in sports is not only limited to the arenas, but are even applicable to extended ecosystems of cities hosting the events. HCL today helps in Site Preparation and Infrastructure, Operations (including running the events), Games Venue Preparation, Park Projects, Security, and Hospitality.

In summation, today HCL can help your organization in Content digitization, Production and distribution Transformation, Centralized Event management, Social media and mobile solutions, and also providing a unified Customer Experience Management.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.