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Mining Analytics

The Situation Today

In the mining industry, it is imperative that the decision-makers are able to gain access to all the necessary information they need to drive process innovation and improve their operations in order to stay competitive. They need business analytics software that can analyze every variable affecting their business processes. Often, this information is dispersed through different systems and is not presented quickly and easily enough, providing little to no visibility in relationships among these variables.

Mining Analytics Solution

Mining Organizations require insights that channelize their investments towards maintaining better productivity and efficiency.

By effectively utilizing the Digital Mining Analytics solution, a mining organization can make a huge difference to its bottom line which will ultimately lead to a competitive advantage in a dynamic and challenging environment.

This solution offers proactive and predictive mining analytics that can significantly improve a client’s online experience, enabling them to make the right business decisions.

What You Can Expect

  • Reserve Analytics - HCL mining solution offers Scenario Analysis of Reserves, Mine Planning and LOM Plans. We have partnered with Mine RP to present a What If Analysis for mining
  • Product Value Chain Analytics HCL delivers an End to End Product Value Chain Analytics –Both for Volume Flow and Product Value Flow. Powered by our partner Exxpleo, we also offer a Decision Support System that enables most optimal utilization of Mining Assets and Reserves for our clients.
  • iCFO Our End to end Finance Transformation Solution caters specifically to the requirements of CFOs in mining. As a part of this solution, we offer templates for Planning, Spend Management, Risk Analysis, Capital Allocation and Regulatory Reporting.
  • Inventory Analytics We Offer Comprehensive Inventory Analytics based on our SAP MiningTemplate Powered by our partner Barnstone
  • Maintenance Analytics  - We offer Mining Maintenance Analytics based on SAP Mining Template powered by our partner Barnstone. It helps reduce time of assets and improve service Reliability with our Predictive Maintenance Solution

What Mining Analytics Solution achieved for miners in collaboration with our partners

  • Deliver full end-to-end analytics capability within weeks
  • Deliver it as a service for flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Provide predictive capability in addition for improved decision support to the business –
  • Cover all the major process areas of the mining business namely supply chain, finance, business planning, human resources, asset maintenance, reserve management, product value chain operations in order to perform efficiently
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.