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My Blue Print: Forrester Groundswell Awards 2013 entry

Business Problem/ Challenge

By 2011, HCL had already completed a significant part of its transformation journey that started with “Employees First Customer Second” in 2005. Revenues had touched $3.5b and employee strength had reached 77000. In 2011, HCL grew at 31% while top3 IOPs grew by 27%. It was crucial to keep the momentum going. One of the key areas of improvement was to improve the annual business planning process which had the following challenges:

  1. HCL had presence in more than 31 countries with businesses aligned to 5 verticals, 5 horizontals and 5 geographies resulting into hundreds of business plans every year. This scale and growth had made the business planning process unwieldy, time consuming and expensive
  2. Only a select few leaders were providing inputs to hundreds of business plans and hence they were not able to deliver the detailed feedback that each business plan deserved
  3. Key support functions had no participation in strategy building thus creating a non-business aligned support environment
  4. Business units were not leveraging each other’s strengths which adversely impacted company’s ability to cross sell and win customer reference based deals

Solution: Vision and Execution

To resolve these problems, HCL’s leadership decided to overhaul the business planning process by adopting “Socializing Your Strategy” philosophy and achieve the following three objectives:

  1. Ensure at least 50% of relevant peers give inputs on strategy formulation
  2. Create radical transparency in strategy adapted across business units and enabling functions
  3. Open up the conversation to large cross-sections of the company and involve at least 10% of HCL employees from relevant stakeholders group in strategy building process

An online platform, My Blue Print Portal, was created that allowed more than 300 business leaders to invite their peers from across the company to review their business plans and provide feedback. The feedback given by any employee was visible to everybody else, resulting in 360 degree transparency. The response to the program was beyond expectations. More than 15,000 employees participated in the program. 100% of the business plans were reviewed and given very detailed feedback by their peers on following parameters:

  1. Understanding of client’s Business
  2. Understanding of client’s IT landscape
  3. Understanding of competition in the account
  4. Sales strategy clearly defined
  5. Delivery strategy clearly defined
  6. Transformation ideas clearly defined

My Blue Print: Forrester Groundswell Awards 2013 entry


Tiered Feedback Mechanism Based On Business Plan Hierarchy

One of the key innovations in My Blue Print program was ensuring that every strategically important business plan gets one-on-one detailed feedback from a relevant set of experienced stakeholders. These stake holders were carefully selected to ensure that only highest quality feedback is given to the business plans.   Following were the key categories of Business Plans and their respective stake holders:

  • Platinum and Gold Accounts: HCL segments key accounts into Platinum, Gold, Silver and 10M+ (called PGS10M+) categories. Together these accounts contribute to more than 70% of HCL revenues. Amongst these, Platinum and Gold are of highest strategic importance. My Blue Print Program Team selected top 30 leaders of HCL from across the organization to provide one-on-one detailed feedback to these accounts. Each account was assigned to three leaders and each leader was given three accounts. The three leaders for a particular PG account were chosen in such a way that they brought expertise from different areas of business. This ensured that the business plans were examined from various aspects of strategy and were provided feedback accordingly.
  • Silver Accounts: Business leaders owning the Platinum and Gold accounts were assigned Silver Accounts’ business plans for feedback as they could provide deep insights to sliver accounts on how to achieve growth equivalent to that of a Platinum and Gold account. Some of the sample feedback is shown below:

My Blue Print: Forrester Groundswell Awards 2013 entry

Parameter 1 on 1 feedback for the client partner -
This will be provided to the CP through email
Score out of 10 Overall Feedback 

Understanding of client’s business

Well captured holistically as well as in granularity. The relevance of SMAC to the account's emerging market revenue enhancement strategy was intriguing and presents a great opportunity for HCL.


This account plan is of a high quality. The blending of both sales and delivery leaders views in the account plan gave me a good 360 degree view of the As Is situation and To Be Situation.  The goal and plan to achieve 200 m revenue run rate by 2015 is convincing. There are some areas of improvement .1] How do we translate the SMAC opportunity for their emerging markets into a pipeline of qualified projects . 2] we must split our goals into RTB  and CTB targets as we go along. I foresee that the RTB revenues will plateau in a couple of years and customer is likely to demand CTB funding to come from savings from RTB so we might start getting squeezed  3] Value Portal ideas created of 1.2 million$  are a very small percentage compared to the revenues we get . We must accelerate this initiative and bring the number to at least 4-5 % of revenues as we go forward ...  In summary a sound team is in place with a sound plan . Best part about this is Engagement 2.0 is being rolled out WITH customer's buy in. Great.

Understanding of client’s IT landscape

Good understanding of the divisional landscape
and IT initiatives


Understanding of competition in
his/her account

Very well represented and captured. The wallet share slide was brilliant and addresses succinctly where we are present vis a vis competition


Sales Strategy clearly defined

Well captured both from a sales and delivery execution standpoint. The 6 As of success were convincing. The idea of blending the sales and delivery execution strategies within the account plan made the account plan relevant and real. The strategy to achieve a stretch target of 200 m by 2015 was real


Delivery strategy clearly defined

Excellent coverage of operational metrics. Execution Strategy well defined and aligned to sales strategy and goals. It is obvious that delivery and sales blend well in the account.
The metric on global diversity and the Non-Indian population was a good idea to insert
​into the metric and blend with the delivery plan


Transformational ideas clearly defined

This was an area where I thought the plan was weak.  The larger focus of the account plan was to protect and increase the wallet share in RTB but CTB plan was not fleshed out both by Shantanu and Balaji. Slide 19 was largely blank at the bottom. This is where Accenture will grab the wallet share using their global reach with the SMAC initiative which could have a huge budget allocation within the account


Campaigns Focused On Target Audience’s Psychographic Profiles For Maximum Engagement

Based on the five different Target Audiences identified through primary research, focused campaigns were designed with messaging specific to that target audience for maximum engagement. This ensured that each target audience group was aware about what they will be able to contribute to the program and what they could achieve by participating. Following are the key messages that were conveyed to each target audience:

Target Audience Messaging


Value of their feedback for their peers (see exhibit 2)


Creating a sense of ownership to contribute to own business’s plan (see exhibit 3)


Chance to learn from the best sales teams in the organization (see exhibit 4)


Chance to align their IPs/Solutions to the business plans (see exhibit 5)


Chance to align their programs to the business plans (see exhibit 5)

Enabling Functions like HR, Finance, Admin, Legal etc

Creating a sense of ownership to contribute to company’s growth (see exhibit 3)

Top Management

Opportunity to guide HCL with their experience (see exhibit 6)

Some sample campaigns designed for a particular target audience are provided below:

Some sample campaigns designed for target audience 1

Some sample campaigns designed for target audience 2

Some sample campaigns designed for target audience 3

Business Results

My Blue Print Program had measurable deliverables to ensure that organizational goals are met from the program in accordance with the three fold objectives defined by Vineet Nayar, former CEO of the company at that time. The tracking of each parameter was done through My Blue Print reporting engine. Following are the key results delivered by My Blue print program in FY13:

Metric Category Measurement Metric Performance Growth
  FY12 FY13  


# of Business plans made available on the portal




Successful Completion of Evaluation of PG Accounts by HCL Leadership




Successful Completion of Evaluation of Silver Accounts by PG Account Owners




# of Employees Participating in the Program




Accounts Rated on My Blue Print Portal




Business Plan Owners Satisfaction Survey Score




Recognitions for the Program


  1. McKinsey Quarterly,

       May 2012

  1. Gartner/Maverick Research,

Sep 2012



Relevant Accounts Revenue

$2.7 billion

$3.1 billion


Relevant Accounts Booking TCV

$2.3 billion

$2.7 billion


TCV of Funnel Supported by Customer References from Relevant Accounts

$1.3 billion

$2.3 billion


End Customer Satisfaction Scores in the relevant accounts




Relevant Accounts Selling More than one Service Lines




Number of Accounts Registered for Providing References for Deals for Other Teams




Number of Customer Reference Requests Received and Addressed 




Closing Statement

My Blue Print Program is one-of-its-kind programs in the industry with a futuristic approach towards strategy building. This management philosophy is considered a breakthrough and has been recognized by leading experts in the market. Every aspect of the program such as research, planning and execution is epitome of innovation and embodies the true spirit of HCL’s “Employees First” culture. The program has been able to achieve all the three objectives and has made significant contribution towards HCL’s revenue growth.


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.