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My Forrester Groundswell Awards-Social Media

Social Media (Co-Creation / Crowd sourcing / Response etc.) – Brand initiatives that encourage the community to contribute or collaborate in innovative ways.








6.Overall Social Media Impact


Executive Summary

Though, HCL ranks 7th in revenue vis-à-vis competition, yet HCL led in engagement on social media in Dec’14 and Jan’14. This was achieved through HCL’s “Zero-Spend” social-media campaigns, launched with the objective of organically improving the reach and engagement of HCL’s social media to establish HCL as a leader on social-media and make this leadership position sustainable and not funds heavy.

  1. Unmetric, a global social intelligence and benchmarking platform has rated HCL #1 and #1 globally on Facebook and Twitter respectively under Professional-Services category for Jan’15. HCL ranked #1 on Facebook and #2 on Twitter under the same category in Dec’14
  2. HCL ranked #1 for engagement among all global IT-companies in December’14 and Jan’15
  3. HCL ranked #2 for reach among all global IT-companies


Link to Unmetric ranking on Twitter for January’15 –

Link to Unmetric ranking on Facebook forJanuary’15-




The key objective was to activate HCL’s social media community and make HCL the most engaged social media IT company globally and at the same time increasing the reach of HCL’s social media properties.


The challenge was to achieve this with zero spends by leveraging the innate advantages offered by various social media platforms and launching the marketing campaigns on the right social media platform basis the presence and activity of the target audience on that platform.


To achieve the objectives, HCL not only had to run marketing campaigns with zero spends but also ensure that these campaigns prove to be more effective in propelling HCL’s reach and engagement index as compared to HCL’s competition.


Prior to the implementation of the strategy HCL ranked third in terms of reach and third in terms of engagement vis-à-vis competition which included TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant and Capgemini

Target Audience

HCL’s target audience was identified and analyzed as showcased below:


Marketing Initiatives

Keeping in mind the Target audience, HCL designed “Zero Spend” campaigns with the aim of encouraging the target group to engage with HCL social media properties and also provide them a platform where they can contribute and share their thoughts as well. Below is the list of campaigns

launched for each target group – 


  1. CIO Straight Talk

This thought leadership group is a high quality exclusive by invitation community of G2000 Company CIOs, who broadcast their views within the community and also consume relevant content disseminated by HCL. The key objective of creating this owned community is to ensure low cost of customer acquisition.

CIO Straight Talk page on LinkedIn

(1.0) Banner on featured topic “IT Outsourcing Series” on community page


1.1 CIO Straight Talk Community on LinkedIn


1.2 CIO Straight Talk Group Demographic – Seniority


1.3 Geographic Distribution of Members


1.4 Group Demographics – Company Size


Measurable Impact:

CIO StraightTalk – This is now a thriving community of over 2000+ members with 50% members being Director level or above

The two campaigns mentioned below were designed to allow HCL employees and job seekers to familiarize themselves HCL’s internal culture of Ideapreneurship, which is a unique innovation culture in which every employee gets the opportunity to ideate, and where these everyday ideas set a new business paradigm and also spread awareness about the fact that HCL was the first company to introduce Desktops to India. 

2) #HCLFirst

This 4 day marketing campaign was launched with the goal of highlighting the fact that HCL was the first company to introduce personal desktop computer in India and HCL since its inception has been a leader in innovation. The campaign asked four questions (one each day) related to the first desktop launched by HCL. A prize was given to one lucky winner every day.


Measurable Impact –

  1. We got a staggering organic reach of 123,678 on 5 posts posted on Facebook for this campaign.
  2. More than 600 comments were received for the campaign.
  3. More than 200 organic shares were registered for the campaign.
  4. On Twitter we received over 500 answers to the 4 questions asked by HCL

Duration – 5 days

Link to the #HCLFirst Website -

(2.0) Example of Tweet


(2.1)Example of Facebook Post



This contest was launched with the objective of highlighting Ideapreneurship which is HCL’s internal entrepreneurship culture which promotes grass roots driven innovation. Six questions were asked on Twitter from the participants and the clues to the answer were hidden across the Ideapreneurship deck on slideshare. The participants answered using the hashtag #Ideapreneurship. This resulted more exposure to HCL’s internal culture and added to HCL’s employer brand


Measurable Impact- 


Duration – 2 days

Link to the contest website -

3.0 Example of Contest Tweet


3.1 Example of Contest Post


3.2 User Engagement


The campaign mentioned below -  “Digital Ideapreneurship”, was to spread the concept of “Ideapreneurship” among HCl employees by turning HCL employees as advocates of this internal brand philosophy.

4. Digital Ideapreneurship

The employer brand initiatives at HCL are broadly streamlined into three focus areas –awareness, advocacy and ambassadorship. This campaign was strategized under the realms of advocacy wherein HCL employees were empowered to advocate about the organization’s culture on social media channels.

The campaign approach was based on the following five building blocks:

4.2 Screenshot of Campaign website -



3. Engagement

a) Internal: In line with our values of trust and transparency, a leaderboard was created that captured the score/ number of tweets and posts made by them on Twitter and Facebook. It created a sense of competition among them and motivated more ideapreneurs to join the campaign. Also all campaign participants and some of the highly engaged external Twitter fraternity were presented with sweatshirts. 


1) Awareness

HCL Employees were administered an Ideapreneurship test. This test gauged the understanding of employees about the Ideapreneurship culture and their preparedness to adopt the same in their daily work life. Ideapreneurs who qualified the Ideapreneurship test, had certain minimum level of fans / followers and were reasonably active on the social media platforms were selected for the campaign to voluntarily advocate about HCL culture.

2) Enablers

a) Digital training was provided to volunteers about the HCL’s social media policy and basic social media etiquettes.

b) Platforms: Campaign website with profiles of these digital ideapreneurs was launched to recognize and incentivize them. This motivated the Ideapreneurs to actively participate in the initiative. A blog section was created on HCLTECH website where the ideapreneurs could contribute their innovative ideas. 

4.3.0 Screenshot of Leaderboard (visible only to campaign participants)


b) External: Twitter fraternity who showed interest to know more about HCL culture were engaged through Tweet Chats (Chat sessions held on Twitter for an hour) with HCL’s top leaders (Appendix –7) –Prithvi Shergill (CHRO) and Krishnan Chatterjee (SVP, Marketing). Also, audience had the opportunity to tweet chat with Anandan Pillai, winner of #CoolestInterviewEver campaign by HCL to gain further visibility about HCL’s culture. 

4) Content

In order to support the efforts of the participants, the core team facilitated the participants with feeder content at regular intervals. The major topics identified were –a) Quotes / thought, b) Technology news of the industry, c) Facets of own Ideapreneurship journey at HCL, d) Role of HCL in one’s life, e) Culture at HCL, f) Thoughts about innovation / intrapreneurship etc.

Major impacts from the campaign were increased affinity towards the organization’s culture for the existing employees and the awareness about Ideapreneurship culture at HCL. Nevertheless some of the quantitative metrics measured as part of the campaign are:

User Generated Content:

 No. of tweets recorded as part of campaign –11,000+

 No. of blogposts contributed –10 (as and when this entry was written). We expect 10 more blogposts to be submitted as part of campaign, so in total 20 blogposts could be generated from this campaign.

 No. of tweet chats –4 (one in each month)

Digital Reach

 Total digital impressions –51 million in five months

 Average weekly impressions –1.7 million 

 4.4.0 Screenshots of Tweet chat Creatives:



4.4.2 Screenshot of Blogposts that participants contributed



Overall Social Media Impact –

  1. At 313,000+ followers, HCL has the highest number of followers on Twitter among all global IT companies
  2. At 1.3 million+ followers, HCL has the second highest number of page likes on Facebook among all global IT companies
  3. In terms of overall engagement on social media, HCL ranks #1 among all global IT companies for the month of December, 2014

Social Media Reach Index with Weightage Applied


The total number of followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google Plus are scored out of 1 (1 representing the total social presence of HCL and its competitors combined) basis the various weightages assigned to different social media channels.

SIW Optimized:
SEO Optimized:
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.