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New SAP® 360 Customer solution

Published Date: 
Nov 13, 2012

SAP to Power the Customer Experience Transformation

New SAP® 360 Customer Solution to Bring Organizations Closer to Their Customers and Enable
Personalized Customer Engagement Anywhere, On Any Device
MADRID, Spain — Nov. 13, 2012 — SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the new SAP® 360 Customer solution. Powered by the SAP HANA® platform, the solution will harness the power of in-memory computing, cloud, enterprise mobility and collaboration to allow organizations to revolutionize the way they engage with their customers beyond traditional customer relationship management (CRM). The announcement was made at SAPPHIRE® NOW + SAP® TechEd, being held as a co-located event in Madrid from November 13-16.
In today’s highly competitive business climate, customer experience becomes the new competitive differentiation for organizations. “Customer expectations continue to rise. It’s simply not enough to only react to customer issues,” said Don Peppers, co-founder, Peppers & Rogers Group. “By understanding customers’ needs, preferences and social profile, companies seek to proactively engage with them to create personalized and differentiated experiences that lead to trust”.
This engagement enables companies to improve customer loyalty, maximize customers’ lifetime value and optimize their resources to create more value for the customers and the shareholders alike. The breakthrough in-memory technology of SAP HANA will turn this vision into a reality for enterprises around the globe.
“This is a game-changing solution that will help companies market better, sell better, service better and truly create remarkable experiences for their customers,” said Bill McDermott, co-CEO, SAP. “With SAP 360 Customer powered by SAP HANA, companies gain true 360-degree customer insight that is real-time, actionable and available anywhere.”
SAP 360 Customer will provide unique capabilities to turn insight into action and engage with customers one-to-one — in context and in real time. It will enable organizations to create a superior customer experience while driving operational excellence by empowering the mobile workforce, fostering collaboration, executing transactions faster and providing better response times. The solution is already transforming the way companies engage with customers. Lenovo, a US$29 billion personal technology company and the world’s second-largest PC vendor, has been an early adopter of the SAP HANA platform to support the fast growth of the organization.  
“Knowing exactly what is happening in our business at any moment and being able to respond quickly to changing market conditions is critical for the success of Lenovo,” said Xiaoyu Liu, vice president, Global Application Development, Lenovo. “SAP HANA has proven to be a high-performing platform to help us achieve this goal. That's why we are exploring supercharging customer relationship management with SAP HANA. We have already seen 30 times faster performance in key processes during the customer validation phase. The first results are very promising, allowing our business to not only get 360-degree real-time business insight, but also significantly accelerating all our customer-facing operations.”
“We have realized the long-held vision of our founder Hasso Plattner to deliver a real-time enterprise with transaction, text and analytics processing on one platform,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP Executive Board, Technology and Innovation. “Support pack stack 5, to be announced this week, is a non-disruptive increment for SAP HANA and yet a large step forward, as it aims to enable  integrated application services, key enterprise capabilities for high availability, disaster recovery and integrated text analytics, as well as key OLTP optimizations that enable us to release our first mission-critical SAP Business Suite application, SAP CRM, to run completely on the SAP HANA platform.”


Three Essential Elements of SAP 360 Customer
Customers will benefit from three elements of SAP 360 Customer, including:

·         Real-time insight: Organizations will gain proprietary customer insights, understand customer needs and preferences and predict future behavior. This real-time and true 360-degree view of the customer will be based on the most accurate front-office interactions, back-office transactions and publicly available information from social networks. Organizations will be able to access large amounts of data in shorter periods of time, dramatically increase the speed of existing processes and revolutionize decision-making — anywhere, on any device.
·         Real-time interactions: Companies will be able to leverage just-in-time customer insight to deliver one-to-one interactions through any channel. Organizations will be able to deliver a differentiated customer experience and provide customers with highly personalized offerings, which will accurately reflect the specific customer needs and wants. They will be able to act on information as it happens and proactively engage with customers to resolve issues, introduce new products and services and decide on future courses of action.
·         Real-time execution: Companies will be able to instantly carry out end-to-end customer processes beyond the front office, truly deliver on their brand promise and create differentiated customer experiences. By leveraging industry best practices inherent in SAP solutions, organizations will be able to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of every customer process. This will enable companies to truly transform and empower the front line employees to better engage with customers across marketing, sales and service functions.
A key component of the SAP 360 Customer solution will be the SAP® CRM application powered by SAP HANA. Other products to be included are cloud-based solutions such as the SAP® Customer OnDemand solution, the SAP® Jam social software platform and several mobile solutions.
SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA is also planned for availability as a rapid-deployment solution for new customers and CRM installations, as well as to support existing customer pilots. SAP® Rapid Deployment solutions are designed for customers to go live within 12 weeks or less and offer a complete package of pre-configured software, implementation services, content and end-user enablement for a fixed price and scope.
More Opportunities for Partners
SAP 360 Customer will be implemented and offered by SAP and partners. With the solution, partners will have an opportunity to innovate and grow their business while helping their customers gain competitive differentiation and grow. To read what partners have to say, see “Quote Sheet: SAP to Power the Customer Experience Transformation.”
For announcements, blog posts, videos and other coverage during SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd Madrid, visit the Events newsroom.
Quote Sheet: SAP to Power the Customer Experience Transformation
MADRID, Spain — Nov. 13, 2012 — SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the new SAP® 360 Customer solution. With this new solution, partners will have the opportunity to innovate and grow their business while helping their customers innovate and grow.
“More and more clients are demanding new and innovative ways to take advantage of the massive amount of data that’s available using real-time analytics,” said Eric Renouard, global lead, SAP Technology, Accenture. “In-memory computing combined with advances in SAP CRM can help companies quickly generate actionable insights to better personalize their offerings to customers, thereby creating new opportunities to expand market share and increase revenues.”
All for One Steeb AG
“Well done, SAP,” said Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO, All for One Steeb AG. “SAP 360 Customer is good news. Design thinking together with our customers will help identify customer-related business processes that can be significantly improved.”
“SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA offers a competitive edge previously unattainable in today’s business world,” said Rich Rodriguez, senior director, Business Intelligence, Answerthink. “Imagine the possibilities when you can clearly understand all your customer’s buying habits and trends in real-time, allowing you to immediately respond with an action plan to further increase your sales and profitability.”
“SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA is the first realization of transactional applications on top of SAP in-memory technology, not only adding high-end analytics capabilities to SAP CRM, but also offering SAP customers a platform for a future evolution of their IT landscape,” said Christophe Lacroix, global SAP lead, Capgemini. “We think customer-related applications can really take advantage of the real-time and high-volume data capabilities of SAP HANA, allowing our customers to differentiate themselves by offering personalized offers and capturing opportunities.”
“SAP is delivering on the promise to enable the real-time enterprise,” said Michelangelo D’Urso, EMEA lead, SAP HANA, Deloitte. “Our clients collect large volumes of signals and information related to their customers — virtually from each and every interaction. This new solution based on SAP HANA is a powerful enabler to achieve better insight and drive smarter decisions. In-memory technology available today can unlock the huge potential offered by the combination of traditional and non-traditional data, both structured and un-structured. By working with SAP, we’re bringing our vision to market.”
ecenta AG
“In the past our global customers have asked us how they can react more quickly to the continuously changing market conditions,” said Dr. Thorsten Wewers, co-CEO, ecenta AG. “With SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA, we can provide the answer now. They are able to analyze the increasing amount of external market data together with internal information in real-time to realize new exciting business opportunities.”
EDT Systems
“SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA will be a game-changing technology,” said Rajesh Manghat, managing director, EDT Systems Inc. “The performance and analytics of SAP HANA combined with integrated solutions from SAP will be of significant benefit to SAP customers and partners.”
GlobalSoft Solutions, Inc.
“The world of mobile, social media and machine-to-machine communications offers immense opportunities for organizations across diversified industries to collect and harness real-time data directly from end consumers and use this data for segmenting and product positioning,” said Santosh Menon, president and CEO, GlobalSoft Solutions. “SAP 360 Customer provides organizations with a single platform to bring the collaborative, operational and analytical streams of data to a turbo-charged engine room that can deliver rapid business value to customers and organizations alike.”
“Getting the whole picture about customers is not always easy, let alone remaining one step ahead of them, but they also don’t like to wait,” said Jon Cassidy, head of CRM Capability, HCL AXON. “We see SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA as an exciting opportunity, not just to do the same thing faster, but to enable different approaches, allowing the end user to deliver more value to the business.”
“Organizations will benefit from the exceptional performance and real-time analysis capabilities that come with this development,” said Rajesh K. Murthy, vice president and head of SAP Practice, Infosys. “By incorporating SAP HANA, SAP CRM accelerates the processing of high-data volumes for customer segmentation. Clients will value the competitive edge they’ll get, especially when the segmentation volume is large. Infosys has a long history of success in helping our clients deliver CRM process solutions and maximize profitability. We are recognized as an early leader implementing SAP HANA with SAP, and are primed to continue helping our clients succeed in this space.”
“Data continues to grow exponentially and companies are looking for ways to take advantage of real-time analytics to serve consumers even better,” said Steve Niesman, president and CEO, itelligence, Inc. “In-memory technology and the maturity of SAP CRM are a really exciting combination for the market. We can deliver real-time business intelligence and help companies to tailor personalized offers and capture opportunities. By working with SAP, we’re helping to bring this vision to market.”

“Driving healthy customer relationships is essential to managing business today,” said Rodney Seligmann, global SAP practice leader, PwC “Knowledge about how customers interact with your business is critical and necessitates having real-time customer insights. Access to key customer data and interactions, buying preferences and patterns, profitability and gross margins is now readily achieved with SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA. We are excited to hear SAP’s announcement and recognize the rapid value SAP customers will gain by leveraging the SAP HANA platform. SAP 360 Customer provides both new and existing SAP CRM customers an opportunity to think beyond traditional OLTP constraints and focus investments on the future of database computing.”
Wipro Technologies
“Today, customers are looking for options to serve their consumers in a differentiated manner,” said Satish Subramaniam, vice president, Enterprise Applications, Wipro Technologies. “The keys are superior, speedy levels of service across multiple channels of consumer presence. By leveraging capabilities in SAP CRM transactions and real-time analytics at lightning speed, customers will be able to differentiate themselves better in the marketplace. In-memory technology and the maturity of SAP CRM are a really exciting combination for the market. By working with SAP and leveraging our deep industry knowledge of customer-facing business processes, we’re helping to bring this vision to market.”
SAPPHIRE® NOW + SAP® TechEd Madrid
In 2012, SAP again brings together its largest ecosystem education event series with its premier customer conference for a co-located event being held in Madrid, Spain, from November 13-16. With SAPPHIRE® NOW, SAP offers its customers, partners, and prospects even more opportunities to engage in dialogue with peers, participants and thought leaders around the globe, and can gain insight as to how SAP is delivering on its product strategy and helping organizations around the world to run better. SAP® TechEd brings IT managers, software developers, administrators, and business process experts together to learn in an interactive environment directly from the experts responsible for cutting-edge SAP technology. The co-located event provides access to the entire SAP ecosystem and enables attendees to learn how SAP can help their organizations run like never before. Follow on Twitter at @SAPPHIRENOW and @SAPTechEd, and join the conversation at #SAPPHIRENOW and #SAPTechEd.
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