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Enterprise Mobility Heralds the Future of Technology

Published Date: 
Oct 21, 2013

Mobile is more than just a latest innovation of technology. It has single-handedly re-shaped operating models, business models, and marketplaces. It is no doubt increasing productivity through saving on time, implementing mobile strategy. In today's enterprise, the consumerization of IT has led to many interesting developments in enterprise mobility space. This disruptive technology provides for a numerous permutations and combinations to converge various forums, businesses, and prospects to create a hyper connected world. It would continue to remain a leading source of game-changing market disruptions and help reduce the gap between the customer and the business today and integrate seamlessly at an exponential pace in the coming times.


  • Increased customer demands, potential partners, and intense competition have forced organizations across different lines of business to look at alternative sources and adopt technological tools to generate new lines of business, enhance their ROIs, and expand their already existing customer base.
  • Technology as a Necessity: Technology has matured over a period of time from being a mere forte of large enterprises to a basic necessity for business today. The IT department has evolved to become a business support function for almost every business today.
  • Consumerization of IT: Innovations in consumer IT and mobile devices have transformed the everyday life and the way people use IT. The way the end user interacts with his mobile devices creates new areas for ways of service creation, orchestration, service innovations & consumption.
  • Stay Connected with Customer: Technology and especially trends like e-commerce, social media, and mobility have allowed for customers to learn and explore about the various offerings from different organizations.
  • Means to Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement: IT has and still remains one of the most prominent catalyst for cost reduction for today's businesses. New technologies like mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets enable the employees of the organization stay productive while on the go by providing access to organizational data.

Enterprise mobility provides flexibility not only to help employees of an organization but also have the potential to transform the way they do business. Some of the below mentioned trends suggest why enterprise mobility presents an exciting proposition and a market for various businesses today and why it would continue to bring a wave of transformation in the coming times.

  • The worldwide enterprise applications market would grow from $2.7 bn in 2010 to $7.7 bn in 2015
  • 54% of the enterprises allow their employees to carry both personal and company issued device
  • Globally 44% of the companies have a written BYOD policy in place and approximately 1/5 companies has a formal, company-wide BYOD policy in place and
  • 94% firms expect to have a BYOD policy by mid-2013


Cost Saving Benefits

  • Greater Employee Productivity: BYOD has taken off and it is actually helpful for employees to have access to data on the server on their smartphones, including company emails, files and calendar information..Finally, the use of preferred devices increases employee satisfaction, which also boosts productivity and leads to increased employee retention.
  • Streamlined Internal Processes: Mobile applications that improve internal processes produce great cost savings. Whether it is an app that allows employees to quickly and easily file expense reports and book travel arrangements, or apps that enable new communication processes or allow employees to easily update documents or client orders, mobility can significantly increase operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Cost to Serve Customers: Mobile applications that simplify customer service and interaction can play a major role in cost savings.

Revenue Driving

  • Increased Customer Acquisition: App stores are excellent vehicles to reach new customers because consumers are constantly talking about the food customer experience they had with the new application.
  • Increased Customer Retention: A company that can expedite and improve interactions will keep more customers. Mobile apps are facilitating these convenient interactions and providing customers with a much better experience, reducing the likelihood that they will switch to a competitor.


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.