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360 Degrees

This year, 48,000 HCLT employees participated in the 360 degree exercise which identifies the developmental requirement of our employees. All eligible employees, completed their appraisals for career development.

Learning and Development

All HCLT employees, irrespective of their gender and experience have opportunities to take part in behavioral skills programmes and discover their passion and potential. We believe there is no ‘one set formula’ for success and motivate our employees to be on a constant journey of self-discovery. Learning and Development programs give platforms to not only ideate but ‘UN-learn’ with a focus on sustainable growth for all employees.

HCL: Learning

TechCEED: Technical Competency Enhancement for Enabling Development

TechCEED provides employees with business-aligned training on technical and project management competencies, learning management and instructional design. TechCEED continually grows and innovates its learning and development programmes by successfully partnering with business units across the organization through the implementation of the Business Aligned Training Academy model. 


This collaborative model promotes agility and innovation, reduces the cycle time for processing training requests, and enables business units’ direct resources to their highest priorities.

In FY 2012, TechCEED disseminated learning to 25,734 HCLT employees.

TechCEED also enables learning through various publications, research reports, e-learning, communities, surveys, teleconferences, and other Corporate Executive Board materials and services. Project Manager’s Effectiveness Diagnostic is a web-based survey to assess project and program managers’ effectiveness, conducted in collaboration with Corporate Executive Board. HCL: TechCEED 1During FY 2012, the team imparted training to 33,098 persons at various stages of their careers out of which 9,815 were women and 23,283 were men.

In FY 2012, TechCEED contributions to organizational learning and development were recognized through 20 awards such as Bersin & Associates 2012 Learning Leaders, Star News Awards 2012 including HR Leadership award, Best L& D Awards and several other awards sponsored by World HRD congress and The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) citations.

iLearn & HCLT Scholar

iLearn is an online portal which has over 3000 self-development programmes for HCLT employees. This portal is used for online registration and tracking of instructor-led training sessions for both technical and domain competencies. A feedback mechanism collects, compiles and analyzes data.

HCL Scholar is an application that offers an online certification for employees after an assessment based on their overall knowledge about the organization. Through this application,  employees improve their understanding of HCLT’s organizational culture, business lines, industry sectors and information on stakeholders. This enables every employee to represent the organization in the best possible manner while interacting with various stakeholders. All eligible candidates completed the required certification this year.

Good Practises Conference 

The idea for the Good Practises Conference started with the intent for delivery units to share and adopt best practises across the organization that would help serve our customers better. The focus of this biannual conference is to ‘learn from experience and leap to excellence’. A repository for the Good Practises conference is available in a dedicated site in ArKMedes. Over 2500 abstracts and papers on best practises including electronic handbooks are available.

HCL: Good Conference

In FY 2012, two conferences were held where 277 papers on best practices were received from different geographies and domains. These papers were evaluated by 87 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in multiple rounds. The selected 24 papers will be presented across 6 locations across India.


ArKMedes is our Knowledge Management portal which is used by employees to learn, collaborate and share their expertise and knowledge seamlessly across teams and geographical boundaries.

Some interesting facts about ArKMedes this year:

  • 90,000 employees across 31 countries have access to this single unified platform 
  • 13,100 artifacts  consisting of valuable knowledge assets like case studies, whitepapers, project information reports, video sessions, demos, training documents and user manuals are available in ArKMedes’ knowledge repository
  • 70,000 unique visitors and over 700,000 downloads of various artifacts 
  • 117+ active CoP groups catering to different technologies, enabling functions, domains, tools, processes and methodologies with a 15,100 strong subscription base.
  • 2000+ contributions in the form of upload of knowledge assets
  • 5, 24,274 search queries indicating a rise of 75% since 2010-11 

42 webinars from practitioners were aired on various knowledge areas taking the total number of available informative webinars on the portal to 360. This is one of the most user friendly ways to share knowledge within the organization and the cumulative listenership of all video sessions has risen to 26,000 till date.

In the past year, it has helped capture organizational learning (both explicit and tacit knowledge) through collaborative exchanges of over 4800 instances across channels like wikis, blog and discussion forums. It comprises of over 170+ community and leadership blogs with over 1880 posts.

This year, eKothon - a 90 day programming challenge was conducted across the organization. Over 720 HCLT employees registered their entries and 1 winner was selected from 10 short listed finalists. The Knowledge Management team also releases a weekly knowledge digest, Espresso via the in-house portal which has a dedicated subscriber base of 7000 employees.

Life Coach

At HCLT, we address health and well-being of all employees in a holistic way by adhering to WHO’s definition of health - “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity”. Our programs are based on the concept that well-being integrates mental, physical and social health.

HCL: Life CoachEmployee health and wellbeing services are available to all employees and their immediate family members. All employees are educated on the importance of their health and well-being through advocacy and employee assistance programs.

In FY 2012, 15,000 employees undertook a de-stressing exercise. Project Aligned Life Counseling (PAL) was initiated where employees scored high on the stress parameters on the ECHO survey.

HCLT employees can also avail of face-to-face counseling with a Life Coach in various offices in India which is currently one of the best practices in the industry. The Life Coach is available to speak to employees on issues concerning work-life balance, ambiguity over decisions and general emotional and mental support. Apart from this, there are 24/7 telephone and online support facilities which employees can use to reach out for help. Across India, we have visiting medical practitioners in many facilities to address employee health concerns.

WLB Chat @ 2.02

Work-life balance (WLB) chat @ 2:02 pm is a webinar conducted by subject matter experts on topics covering various dimensions of work-life continuity to help employees and their immediate family members strike the right balance. In FY 2012, the WLB chat@2:02 sessions were conducted on a bimonthly basis and an average of 120 employees attended every session both through live meetings and in-person. A contest around this theme was conducted where  employees were encouraged to submit short stories and 1-minute videos on the importance of work-life balance. Over 20 short stories and 6 video entries were received through this content.

Family Connect

HCL: Family ConnectThe Family Connect group hosts a variety of events that involve HCLT employees and their members.  We continue to incorporate programs involving the families of our employees like ‘Bring your child to work day’. In FY 2012, our Wellness and Women councils organized health camps relating to ergonomics, stress management, nutrition and other topics related to well-being. Antenatal sessions for expectant mothers were also conducted. Women employees and their immediate family members participated in the cervical cancer immunization camps conducted across various facilities in India.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers across    the globe facilitate wellness and well-being of extended families of employees which include resources for prevention of serious and seasonal disease. In addition, the Wellness Council organizes health camps for employees and their families.

Employee Safety

HCL: Employee SafetyThe safety of our employees is of utmost importance. Employees are educated on safety guidelines and precautions and safety measures are advocated and implemented across various facilities. Employees who work late hours or on shifts outside the regular working hours can avail of a company provided cab service. A 24/7 Transport Help line can be used in case of any emergency, help or grievance redressal.

In FY 2012, programs for employees, security staff and cab drivers were conducted on topics related to employee safety, human rights, first aid, information on 24/7 emergency support and safe road travel. Support staff including cab and bus drivers who complied with safety norms were recognized.

The incident and frequency rate recorded for this year are as follows. The lost hours data is insignificant and hence not reported.

  FY 2011-12
Incident Rate/100 employees 0.130
Frequency Rate 0.568
Scope: HCLT - India operations taking average yearly employee base as 67,658 for India operations

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.