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Rapid Deployment Toolkit (RDT) for Oil & Gas

The Situation Today

Many oil & gas companies find that deploying their enterprise-wide SAP solution for remote country or joint venture operations is either prohibitively expensive or constrained by legal or security restrictions. However, the business requirements for these operations are often as complex and daunting as for the enterprise as a whole, and therefore still require a SAP-based solution. For these situations HCL’s Rapid Deployment Toolkit (RDT) for O&G companies provides the most frequently required capabilities out-of-the-box. And because it builds on SAP, it can be extended to meet even the most complex operational requirements while at the same time providing a familiar system to those users and IT departments already comfortable with SAP.


How HCL Can Help

RDT is a solution for O&G companies, specifically tailored to help them successfully jump-start SAP deployment. RDT incorporates proven accelerators, templates, and HCL’s years of experience in the O&G industry to deliver the SAP solution to specification and on time.

RDT was originally built to meet the exacting standards of a SAP Business All-in-One solution, and remains the first and only industry solution qualified by SAP for Oil & Gas in North America.

Now in its second generation, RDT has been extended to meet the needs of the broader O&G market, including:

  • E&P companies
  • Oilfield services companies
  • Drilling contractors (both land and offshore)
  • Oilfield equipment manufacturers with make-to-stock (MTS) or make-to-order (MTO) production requirements
  • Pipeline companies, gas plant and LNG operators
  • Refiners
  • O&G distribution companies
  • Marine Services for O&G (both blue water and inland waterways)
  • Remote operations of large integrated and national oil companies

What You Can Expect

RDT for O&G companies allows them to implement SAP faster and more cost effectively. In addition they are able to adopt redesigned business processes and transformational change more quickly, and with lasting results. Crucially, using the RDT tool, companies can utilize their scarce project resources more effectively by allowing them to focus on the critical design questions rather than non-value added areas. The end result is that companies that use RDT establish a business backbone based on the world’s leading ERP system, SAP, while taking advantage of years of lessons learned and best practices from SAP and HCL.

Wherever you are in the industry, RDT for O&G is fully compatible with other elements of the SAP Oil & Gas Solution Map including JVA, PRA, OGSD and IS-OIL. In addition to key industry requirements, RDT for O&G also addresses usability and adoption requirements of the industry. RDT’s usability features for O&G include:

  • Daily production log input and field-based purchase requisitioning via SAP Interactive Forms powered by Adobe allowing field crews to input daily labor, production and consumption data with fewer errors or submit purchase requisitions in a disconnected mode
  • WBS-based cost planning and work confirmations
  • Resource-related billing for both crews and equipment
  • Customized Pricing and AP workbenches for OGSD customers that simplify how users interact with the system to perform these high volume tasks
  • Enhanced ability for Equipment and Tool Utilization (joint development effort between SAP, HCL and the HCL customer).
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.