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HCL Technologies


HCL offers the following services for the Oil & Gas industry:


  • Enterprise Transformation Services: HCL assists customers develop a transformation roadmap and execution plan for business and IT transformation. HCL derives value for its customers through transformation programs that are evangelized and led by thought leaders and that address customers’ business problems. Business enabled transformations are driven by joint business case development with customers, business aligned IT strategy, change and program management, disruptive application platforms, and through IPs and frameworks. HCL offers an integrated approach to enabling transformations through its "Advise to Execute" service portfolio. Read more
  • Enterprise Application Services (EAS): Technology-based business optimization is the cornerstone of our enterprise applications line of business. This optimization is achieved in two ways: stage-based offerings where the stages are determined by the enterprise software lifecycle, and process-driven optimization. In addition to strong partnerships with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, EAS delivers value through middleware integration on Tibco, webMethods, Cisco AON and WebSphere. Our unique ‘No Incidents’ ALT ASM™ framework focuses on business advantage while improving IT agility. By adopting a proactive obsolescence approach to traditional Application Service Management (ASM) services, we go beyond any traditional ASM contract, where cost management is effort-driven, to offering a contractual commitment of guaranteed operational gains to our clients. Read more
  • Engineering Services: HCL brings IT and engineering services expertise under one roof to solve complex business problems for its clients. With decades of engineering experience, we are recognized as one of India’s largest information, computing technology and engineering organization. Our Oil & Gas Practice leverages the latest technologies (smart products, mobility, unified communications, natural user interface, and more) to help customers remain agile and efficient.  Read more
  • Infrastructure Management Services: HCL is a market pioneer and leader in the space of Co-Sourced Infrastructure Management. Petro-technical Computing is critical for upstream computing considering the large volumes of data. HCL’s Cloud and Utility Services address the infrastructure services requirement for grid computing and high performance computing. HCL provides industry depth within our infrastructure practice, specific to oil and gas operations, including SCADA, <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" hcl="" tech's="" disaster="" recovery="" planning"="">disaster recovery planning and operations, and remote infrastructure monitoring in rigs and platforms. In the competitive retail markets, HCL is designing meter devices to be distributed in infrastructure assets, to drive customer engagement and collect real-time data from end-users. Read more
  • Business Services: HCL has always been a visionary in BPO and has pioneered industry trends, such as third-party BPO operations, multi-country delivery, and the platform business model in India. HCL’s NeXt Gen BPO has evolved from being a provider of traditional BPO services to a provider of holistic next generation business services for Fortune 500/Fortune Global 500 customers. Read more
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.