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Companies are continually re-evaluating their business models to adapt to changing customer requirements, market conditions and adoption of newer technologies across industries in addition to market shifts into new segments and geographies. These changes in marketplace dynamics demand a business transformation strategy that can shape operating models and organizational goals for the future.

HCLTech’s Business Transformation Services provide customers with solutions in corporate strategy development, business transformation, and organization design. HCLTech also provides business solutions that help customers better leverage their assets – people, information, and processes – and accelerate their journey towards business transformation. HCLTech’s approach to delivering Business Transformation Services and solutions ensures benefits are fast identified and efficiently delivered throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Business Transformation consultants advise our clients, typically at the senior executive level, and offer a combination of expertise around IT strategy, business subject matters, Change Management, and industry knowledge. HCLTech has adopted a Methodology called "IMPACT" which is an Agile based software development method promoting adaptive planning, a time boxed iterative approach encouraging rapid & flexible response to change.

HCLTech Transformation Governance approach deploys a Joint Transformation Board, comprising both our customers’ as well as HCLTech’s representatives. Transformation review meetings are convened at regular intervals, monitoring the performance of Business Transformation solutions, reviewing the Balanced Scorecard, and reporting its findings to the Steering Committee Meeting / Steering Board.

Achieving successful business transformation requires an enormous diversity of talent spanning various services, experiences, and practices. That is exactly what HCLTech brings to the clients we serve. HCLTech Business Transformation Services and solutions provide exceptional value and a sustainable platform for future growth.