Siebel, JD Edwards, Hyperion | HCLTech


Augmenting Enterprise CX – HCLTech with Siebel

A key component of the Oracle CX portfolio, Siebel unifies five CRM aspects - marketing, commerce, sales, services, and social. HCLTech has spearheaded CX implementations for industry majors – leveraging architect-PM collaborations, a dedicated Center of Excellence and tech-optimized Seibel workflows. The key differentiators of the program are:

  • Proven & tested tools and accelerators
  • Multi-skilled cloud experts
  • zFCS blueprint comprising fixed cost, scope & release

HCLTech’s Siebel and specifically Siebel CRM capabilities cover Open UI and Mobility, CRM Automation, upgrade & support, and Universal Content Management (UCM).

Extending ERP Proficiencies – HCLTech with JD Edwards

Oracle’s JD Edwards combines comprehensive ERP with platform flexibility. HCLTech’s market experience with JDE clients covers Media & Entertainment, FS, manufacturing, retail, and the life sciences. It includes the following services:

  • Upgrades: multi-unit deployment spanning 20+ centers; over 1000 objects upgraded in less than 6 months
  • AD & ASM: seamless support handover for 200+ applications; 20% ticket reduction via SLA-driven model
  • Transformation: robust 3rd party system integration; accelerated implementation across 75+ fragmented units

The JDE Competency Excellence Center extends HCLTech’s value proposition across sectors (finance & compliance, supply chains, tools & tech, and project management) and global clients.

Realigning BI to performance: HCLTech with Hyperion

Hyperion bolsters the Oracle enterprise performance management (EPM) blueprint with BI tools. With over 25 distribution units and 7 co-innovation centers worldwide, HCLTech is uniquely positioned for Oracle-Hyperion delivery. Utilizing over 500 BI resources, HCLTech has delivered the following benefits:

  • A data & storage firm: multi-year EPM roadmap development with Hyperion upgrades
  • A leading retail bank: a robust allocation engine via Hyperion Essbase
  • A telecom major: FTE-based app deployment via Hyperion planning platform

HCLTech has used Hyperion’s analysis/reporting capabilities to resolve audit and support challenges across computing, automobile, and finance.