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How to Define ECM Strategy for a Global Enterprise

Published Date: 
Sep 16, 2011
Fri, 2011-09-16 11:26

Investing in Enterprise Content Management is an investment into the future. Therefore, it’s important that the solution you choose serves you not only today, but over the long term as well. Enterprise Content Management has been around for a while. It may have already solved certain problems for you pertaining to document management, streamlining workflows, integration with your internal applications and many more. However, some organizations are still losing billions of dollars each year because they select the wrong strategy, execution roadmap, technology or product or which is due to inadequate vendor information and evaluation processes. The most important decision for any organisation today is to identify and make the right investment. Today, ECM strategy decisions should not necessarily be ‘Reactive’ measures to address the bottom line issues such as cost reduction or process optimization but also be seen in light of ‘Proactive’ initiatives to create an alternate line of business or to increase market share by supporting online campaigns with content targeting, analytics and user profiling.

Are you facing these dilemmas with your ECM initiatives?

  • How would Enterprise Content Management fit in between our ERP and MDM strategy?
  • How to create our ECM strategy balancing the boardroom pressures of cost reduction, optimization and compliance?
  • Which ECM product is the best for our organisation?
  • How will Portal fit into our overall content strategy?
  • What will be the Return on Investment?

HCL’s ECM consulting practice is well poised to bridge this gap between the organizations’ needs and ECM product offerings by providing value driven consulting services. 4As, an ECM strategy definition methodology by HCL, includes all aspects of an ECM Assessment and provides a sound business case for organizations to significantly enhance their way of making the right choice.

Tune into the Webcast where we address ways to help you formulate your overall ECM strategy!

Watch the podcost: How to Define ECM Strategy for a Global Enterprise

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.