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HCL's Integration Platform (HIP) provides a unified solution for data transformation and integration. It enables complex data transformation and validation across a range of messaging standards and data formats, including those involving industry-specific formats. HIP is essential for companies where business requirements are always changing. A comprehensive and easy-to-use data transformation solution accelerates IT projects that support business and compliance initiatives.


Single Unified Platform

Run on multiple platforms using the same maps.

Highly Scalable

Handle hundreds of transactions per second.

Industry-Standard Toolkits

Provides out of the box support for data transformation and processing for various industry standards.

Any-to-Any Transformations

Truly transform data from any format to any format.

Easy-to-Use Development Tools

A code-free approach to modellng, development and testing of transformations.

Flexible Deployment Options

Delivers processing capabilities across the enterprise infrastructure.

Many-to-Many Integrations

Read in data from multiple sources and write to many destinations in one pass.


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Our Solutions



HCL Integration Platform Healthcare Pack extends HIP to address HIPAA requirements, including Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange/Strategic National Implementation Process (WEDI/SNIP). The Pack contains type trees, maps, sample data, and utility modules. These predefined, industry specific objects provide flexibility to implement a wide variety of integration applications and boost the development effort by reusing standard components.

Supply Chain


The HCL Integration Platform Supply Chain EDI Pack is an industry accelerator that provides business-to-business enabling functionality to users. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of routine business information by using an agreed-upon file structure. The pack extends HIP functionality to address EDI-centric requirements, including ANSI X12 documents, EDIFACT documents and TRADACOM transactions.



The HCL Integration Platform Financial Payments Pack extends HIP to address financial-Centric requirements, including SWIFT, NACHA documents and SEPA transactions. As standards evolve and are updated, the pack provides timely updates to contents protecting existing investments year after year. With the help of HIP Financial Payments Pack, both IT integrators and financial analysts can give boost to their Integration development timeline and comply with government regulations and mandates on time.


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